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Friendly Match - Monday June 3, 1929 at Narrandera Park
Narrandera def. Griffith 
Match report: A match was played in the park on King's Birthday between the Imperials and a team from Griffith. In anticipation of meeting with strong opposition, the locals fielded a representative team, but the visitors did not play up to expectations, with the result that the Imperials won comfortably.
The visitors were captained by Frank Polkinghorne, a former Leeton player, and included in the team was 'Pouncer' Wade, who, in his younger days, was a champion. In the pre-war days, while the Murrumbidgee Irrigation canal was being constructed, he played with Leeton and Narandera. Because of his aptitude in getting possession of the ball, he was given the appellation of 'Pouncer.'
(Narrandera Argus - Friday June 7, 1929)

BDFA Round 3 - Saturday June 8, 1929 at Kamarah
Kamarah def Griffith 

BDFA First Semi Final - Saturday August 3, 1929 at Barellan
Kamarah def Binya

BDFA Second Semi Final - Saturday August 10, 1929 at Binya
Barellan 9.9 (63) def Griffith 6.10 (46)

BDFA Final - Saturday August 17, 1929 at Barellan
Kamarah ... 5.4 (34) def. Barellan  3.11 (29)


BDFA Grand Final - Saturday August 24, 1929 at Barellan
Kamarah 13.11 (89) def. Barellan 6.7 (43)

For the first time for a very long while, the Leeton senior team will be seen in action on a Sunday, and as a match with Griffith, has been arranged, for Sunday next, people who have missed seeing the premiership team on a Saturday previously, will be afforded an opportunity to do so now.
Griffith as an Aussie Rules team, is an unknown quantity in these parts, but Mr. Casserly, their energetic secretary, assured the writer that they are a fairly solid combination, very fast and nippy and have enjoyed a successful record up till this.
Leeton will probably need to look to their laurels and certainly not under estimate the strength of their opponents or they may suffer defeat.
A return match will be played at Griffith on Sunday week and it is to be hoped that players will take that opportunity to get some match practice before Wagga returns the game recently played there.
The following will represent Leeton and Griffith at the Aussie Rules ground on Sunday.
Leeton:— W. Swasbrick (capt.), J. Saunders, J. Schwab, A. Borger, B. Roberts, C. Gladman, J. Gladman, R. Monfries, R. Hopley, R. Younger, T. Martin, C. Hopley. Greenham, C. Walsh,  F. Borchers, R. Fuller, L. Byrne, G. Taylor. Emergencies: J. Taylor, V. Smith, J. Schiers, Twohig and A. Harrison.
Griffith:— F. Polkinghorne (capt.), J. Connell, E. Yates. J. Owen, A. Campbell, E. Campbell, H. Roffe, L. Roffe, V. Roffe, K. Reid, J. Browne, J. Fox, C. Cameron, A. Lind,  M. Howe, R. Little, V. Patchett, F. Ford.
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday August 30, 1929)

Friendly Match - Sunday September 1, 1929 at Leeton
Leeton ..... 5.1 .. 5.3 .. 7.3 .. 9.5 (59)
Griffith ... 0.0 .. 3.2 .. 4.3 .. 4.4 (28)
Umpire: Trevor Saker (Leeton)
Match report: The Griffith Aussie Rules team evidently does not take football matches seriously, judging by the way they treated Sunday's match. It was nearing 4 o'clock when the final batch of players arrived on the ground. This meant  the local club had to break faith with the public who had turned up expecting the game to commence at its schedule time, 3 p.m. Then again, on account, of the late hour of starting, only four fifteen minute quarters were played, instead of the customary two 20's and two 25's. The officials of the Leeton Club were much upset over the indifference displayed by the Griffith team. Leeton had little difficulty in defeating the visitors.                    (Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Tuesday September 3, 1929)

On Sunday next Leeton will journey to Griffith to play a return match and Griffith have promised to have a strong enough team to extend and, possibly defeat its visitors.
 As part of the proceeds of the gate will go to the Griffith Hospital, Leeton players are asked to attend in force and give of their best. The following have been selected to make the trip, bus will leave Leeton P.O. at 1 p.m. sharp on Sunday, returning to Leeton immediately after the match. The bus will be free to players, fare to non-players 3/-.
The Leeton team will be selected on the way over from W. Swasbrick (capt.), R. Monfries, B. Roberts, J. Gladman, C. Gladman, C. Hopley, R. Hopley, F. Borchers, G. Taylor, A. Borger, J. Schwab, A. Harrison, R. Younger, R. Fuller, J. Taylor, L. Byrne, J. Schiers, R. Lodge, G. Dunn, E. Graham, L. Greenham. 
(Murrumbidgee Irrigator - Friday September 6, 1929)
Friendly Match - Sunday September 8, 1929 at Griffith Rugby Oval
Griffith .......... 11.9 (75)
Leeton ........... 5.14 (44)
Umpire: Graham Webb (Leeton)
Match report: The match played on the Griffith Rugby Oval on Sunday last, between Griffith and Leeton, was witnessed by a moderate attendance. Umpire Webb had control of the game, and as usual handled the players in a very capable manner. There was no dispute during the progress of the match. Leeton could have put a stronger side in the field, but considered five first graders and thirteen picked reserves would prove strong enough to down Griffith, however, the Griffith team has been strengthened by the inclusion of the Browne Bros. (4), of Numurkah (Vic.).
These players proved a tower of strength. As high marking and long kicking specialists they excelled and went a long way towards helping Griffith to vanquish the Leetonites.
 Mick Howe, a recent Griffith find did remarkably well on the forward line, and when it is taken into consideration that this was only his second game of the season, his performance was remarkable.
The brilliant young boy from Tabbita, Wal. Cameron, did nothing wrong on the forward line, landing five 'sixers' during the afternoon. This lad should be in his prime next season. If he had been given the ball more often in the semi-final at Binya recently it would have meant certain victory for Griffith.
Art Campbell played his usual consistent game, and the manner in which he secured possession of the ball from the ground when opposed by a number of players left them 'wondering.' Frank Polkinghorne (Griffith skipper) kept things moving in the centre of the field.
 'Pouncer' Wade, who has been playing the 'Aussie' rules code for 29 years in the ruck is still unbeatable, not withstanding the fact that he has stood down this season, and must lack condition. Practically the whole Griffith team gave a good account of themselves. 
Leeton's captain Bill Swasbrick made a supreme effort in the fourth quarter, urging his team to make up the leeway, but it was to no avail and the final bell found Griffith victors by 11 goals 9 behinds (75 points) to Leeton's 5 goals 14 behinds (44 points).
(The Area News - Thursday September 12, 1929)

Alf Browne, Jack Browne, Jim Browne, Joe Browne, Col. Cameron, Wal. Cameron, Art. Campbell, Ernie Campbell, Jack Connell, Jack Daines, Frank Ford, Jack Fox, Mick Howe, Archie Lind, Robert Little, Jack Owen, V. Patchett, Frank Polkinghorne, Bob Stevenson, Ken Reid, Harry Roffs, Les Roffe, Vic Roffe, William Wade, Len Yates, Ted Yates.


Debuts: Alf Browne, Jack Browne, Jim Browne, Joe Browne, Col. Cameron, Wal. Cameron, Frank Ford, Mick Howe, Robert Little, V. Patchett, Ken Reid, Harry Roffs, Les Roffe, Vic Roffe, Len Yates, Ted Yates 
Final Games: Alf Browne, Jim Browne, Jack Fox, Jack Owen, V. Patchett, Les Roffe.

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