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LDFA Round 1 -  Sunday May 9, 1937 at Leeton Cricket Ground
Leeton ..... 4.1 .. 5.2 .. 6.6 .. 9.6 (60) 
Griffith .... 2.6 .. 3.7 .. 7.10 .. 11.11 (77)

Leeton: Albert Wiseman, J Harding, Lionel Hastie (capt.), L Vonarx, Con Dacey, J Petts, Alan Borger, Mick Miller, W Sandy, Tom Peacock, Rip Stevenson, R Petts, K Schier, C Taylor, Jack Hopley
Griffith: Bill Barry (capt.), Jim Collis, Bill Brown, W H Thompson, Pat Cummins, Alf Anstee, Neil Evans, Bruce Dawes, Cyril Wall, Edwin Peters, John Smith, Eddie Forrestal, George Christoff, Eddie Ashcroft, George Wade, Robert Tasker

Other matches - Darlington Point 7.13 (55) def Whitton 4.13 (37), Narrandera def by Fivebough.
Match report: Appearing in new colours, Griffith and Leeton teams made a fine showing as they filed out onto the Leeton Cricket Ground on Sunday for the opening match of the Kinlock Cup competition. Their display of football, however, was not so spectacular. Leeton only field a scratch team and Griffith, while outstanding in the air, lacked teamwork. Leeton's new colours are black and white vertical stripes, while Griffith appeared in white jerseys with a red V. For Leeton, Albert Wiseman gave a splendid exhibition as full-back. He showed wonderful judgement in marking, often at times beating two or three opponents for the ball. Hastie put up a determined and match winning effort until a nasty fall in the third quarter caused a severe leg injury, which crippled him for the remainder of the game. For Griffith, Alf Anstee, Bill Barry and John Smith were the most prominent of a very even side.

LDFA Round 2 - Sunday May 16, 1937 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ...................... 2.4 .. 3.5 .. 5.7 .. 6.8 (44)
Darlington Point .... 1.2 .. 2.5 .. 4.6 .. 7.9 (51)

Griffith: Bill Barry (capt.), Jim Collis, Ron Shaw, Bill Brown, W H Thompson, Pat Cummins, Alf Anstee, Neil Evans, Bruce Briggs, Dave Evans, Bruce Dawes, Cyril Wall, Les Anderson, John Smith, Eddie Forrestal, Ken McKenzie, Eddie Ashcroft, George Wade
Darlington Point: Tom Kelly (capt.), Chas. Tucker, W. Tuddenham, J. Fuller, S. Curphey, W. Kelly, B. Tucker, B. Walton, J. W. Kelly, Henry Glass, Roy Kennedy, Geo Bloomfield, Edgar Tucker, R. Bloomfield, Norm Spears, W Causon, J. Wright, Doug Turner

Other matches - Fivebough vs Leeton postponed due to ground mix-up, Whitton def Narrandera by 20 points.

Deferred match played on Sunday July 18 - Fivebough 3.10.28 def by Leeton 7.9 (51).
Match report - by Hugh Johnson: It is over 2 years since Griffith met Darlington Point in a competition game. In their last encounter the riversiders defeated Griffith by four points in the grand final of 1934. Since then, no Aussie Rules team has been fielded by the Point until this season. They have played and won two games in the 1937 Kinlock Cup Competition. Griffith were not at full strength on Sunday. A further six players are likely to be available for next Sunday, including the 3 brilliant Hutchins brothers from Narrandera, and two interstate men. A fair breeze blowing across Scenic Hill oval gave the still rather green players a tricky task. Play was inclined to be congested and scrambling at times, but frequent bright spots held the interest of the fair crowd of spectators, who gave Snowy Anderson a rousing reception as he bowled out with the home side to make up the 18. He and Blue Causon, who played forward for the Point were among the classiest goal sneaks in the Riverina at one time; their combined ages today tally well over 80, but both played a particularly useful and heady game for their side. Tom Kelly captained the visitors; his sound leadership coupled with his coaching and advice of the well-known veteran, Bob Murphy, looks like making a strong side with plenty of pace; particularly when they develop a system of long shots down the centre as they will do. Darlington Point snapped into gear smartly at the opening, their attack from Roy Kennedy to 'Clancy' Kelly to Fuller being swung back by Forrestal on to John Smith, number 14, who scored Griffith's first goal. A running shot by Norm Spears, number 15, giving D. Point a minor.
Kennedy again dashed away but was checked by Alf Anstee who passed snappily to Bill Brown, the latter scoring a point for Griffith. Kennedy and Spears replying with a goal for their side from a dashing spot of teamwork. Two new plays for Griffith, Cyril Wall and Eddie Ashcroft were well in the play, and will be of great value to the home side; in fact, they were among the eight best men on the ground. Bill Brown playing great football notched a goal and Thompson 3 points for Griffith; Causon a point for the visitors brings their first quarter score to: - Griffith 2 goals 4; Darlington Point 1 goal 2. Play was rather too congested to be bright during the second quarter. Griffith kept a constant run of attacks but were lacking in teamwork at this period. Snowy Anderson making the nicest effort for the team when his heady play added a goal from a neat shot. George Bloomfield piloting a strong attack for a goal. Scores at half-time, Griffith 3 goals 5; Darlington Point 2 goals 5. 
A magnificent shot by Snowy Thompson from near centre gave Griffith an early goal: George Bloomfield, bursting through was dashing away towards the visitors' forward lines, when his opponent ripped George's nicks clean off. Bloomfield was not worried; he had a spare pair on underneath.  Hector Glass played a brilliant game for the Point, as also did Kennedy, Frank Kelly, Tucker and Fuller. At lemons, Griffith still led by 7 points being, Griffith 5 goals 7; Darlington Point 4 goals 6. The final quarter proved the sensation of the day. Under the heady leadership of Tom Kelly, the visitors played a snappy game. Play was open and clean; accurate kicking, brilliant work gave Darlington Point a well-earned victory. It was a glorious finish to a good clean game. 

LDFA Round 3 -  Sunday May 23, 1937 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ....  8.8 (56)
Whitton ... 10.7 (67)

Umpire: Charlie Gladman

Other matches - Darlington Point 6.4 (40) def by Fivebough 6.11 (47), Leeton 5.2 (32) def Narrandera 2.12 (24). 

LDFA Round 4 - Sunday May 30, 1937 at Leeton Showground
Fivebough ..... 8.9 .. 12.13 (85)
Griffith ........... 2.3 .. 7.3 (45)

Goals: Fivebough: Pat Wilson 9, Eddie Luhrs 2, Alf Geltch
Griffith: Bill Barry 2, WH Thompson, Les Anderson, Bruce Dawes, Bill Blair, Edwin Peters

Other matches - Narrandera 10.12 (72) def Darlington Point 6.5 (41), Whitton 4.14 (38) def Leeton 8.6 (54). Whitton awarded game on protest. 
Reserves (R1): Corbie Hill 49 d Griffith 0, (Griffith fielded 13 players)
Match report: Too slow in getting into their stride, Griffith found themselves on the defensive for the two first quarters, while Fivebough piled on a big lead, in which their full forward, E. Wilson gave a splendid exhibition of position play, sure marking and accurate kicking. In ten shots at the sticks, he kicked 7 goals 3 behinds. His final tally for the day was 9 goals 5 behinds. Wilson's display was some compensation for the large attendance of spectators, who found, little interest in, the one-sided display Griffith showed they were a team with a 'big heart' and on resuming put some 'pep' into third play, and had much the better of the game in the third quarter, while in the final quarter there was an exciting rally in which the ball was moved about rapidly over the wide area of ground. For Fivebough, Alan McCormack was very solid in defence, marking well and returning the ball with strong, long kicks. Led by 'Scroggs' Hopley, Fivebough is a well-balanced side of young players, and they look like developing into a first-class combination.  The Griffith team, led by Bill Barry, has some excellent marks. The outstanding players were W.H. Thompson, George Wade, Jim Collis and Bruce Dawes.

LDFA Round 5 - Sunday June 6, 1937 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera .... 3.3 .. 5.4 .. 7.8 .. 9.10 (64)
Griffith ...........  3.1 .. 3.2 .. 5.3 .. 7.9 (51)

Goals: Narrandera: Jack Bynon 3, K. McGready 2, Bates Flood, Keith Mulholland, Martin Johnson, Blue Terry
Griffith: George Wade 3, Bill Barry 2, Alf Anstee, Cecil V. Smith
Best players: Narandera: Stan Day, Frank Malcolm, K. McGeady, Jack Bynon, Les Mulcahy, Beres Turner
Griffith: Bob Hutchins, George Wade, Dave Evans, Cecil Smith, Alf Anstee 

Other matches - Darlington Point 7.7 (49) def by Leeton 10.11 (71), 
Fivebough 10.15 (75) def Whitton 4.3 (27).

Reserves (R2):  Grong Grong def Griffith on forfeit
Match report: Lack of good forwards to make the best of their opportunities lost Griffith their match against Narrandera on the latter's ground last Sunday. Played in a splendid spirit, the scoring was fairly even, and interest was, maintained throughout the match. Umpire Mr Frank Doran found the game easy to control and he gave every satisfaction.

LDFA Round 6 - Sunday June 13, 1937 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ..... 1.2 .. 4.6 .. 7.9 .. 10.11 (71)
Leeton ..... 2.5 .. 5.7 .. 9.7 .. 12.10 (82)

Umpire: H. Osmond

Other matches - Fivebough 9.11 (65) def Narrandera 8.9 (57), 
Whitton 6.4 (40) def by Darlington Point 10.9 (69).
Reserves (R3): Griffith 0.2 (2) lost to Narrandera 1.1 (7)
Match report: Fast football and some interesting teamwork was seen in a brilliant game at Griffith's Scenic Hill oval on Sunday, which Leeton narrowly won, the final scores being 82 — 71. For the winners J. McGilvray kicked eight goals. Both sides fielded improved teams and on Sunday's play will give a good account of themselves in all their future matches.
LDFA Round 7 - Sunday June 20, 1937 at Darlington Point Oval
Darlington Point ... 3.5 .. 3.7 .. 3.10 .. 3.13 (31)
Griffith .................... 0.1 .. 3.4 .. 5.8 .. 6.9 (45)

Umpire: Charlie Gladman

Other matches - Leeton 5.7 (37) def by Fivebough 7.13 (55), Narrandera 14.16 (100) def Whitton 5.12 (42).
Reserves (R4): Griffith reserves withdrew from 

LDFA Round 8 - Sunday June 27, 1937 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton .... 0.2 .. 2.5 .. 4.9 .. 5.9 (39)
Griffith .... 1.4 .. 2.9 .. 5.12 .. 11.17 (83)

Other matches - Fivebough 9.7.61 def Darlington Point 9.4 (58), Narrandera 11.17 (83) def Leeton 10.12 (72).
Match report: Griffith defeated the home team at Whitton on Sunday, by 83 points to 39. The scores were hardly an indication of the game. At the end of the second quarter, Whitton were leading by four points and fought hard from start to finish to outpoint their opponents. The speed and condition of the Griffith men prevailed in the last quarter, Griffith adding 41 points to Whitton's 6. Griffith excelled in accurate passing, keeping the ball in possession of their team from one end of the field to the other. Top scorer for Whitton was Ted Thompson, who goaled twice in the second quarter. Don Finley landed a difficult angle shot and Painting, and Aliendi scored the remaining goals. The Weaven brothers, Retallick and Rhodes were also prominent. Bill Brown topped the visitor's list with four goals, his best supporters being Alf Anstee, George Wade and Cyril Wall. A feature of the match was the excellent umpiring of Arthur Wickham, who controlled the game throughout. 

LDFA Round 9 -  Sunday July 4, 1937 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ........... 5.6 .. 6.7 .. 10.8 .. 11.9 (87)
Fivebough .... 0.0 .. 5.0 .. 5.1 .. 7.1 (43)

Other matches - Darlington Point 5.11 (41) def by Narrandera 6.6 (42), Leeton 10.14 (74) def Whitton 3.5 (23).

LDFA Round 10 - Sunday July 11, 1937 at Scenic Hill Oval
Griffith ............. 1.1 .. 4.3 .. 5.6 .. 6.9 (45)
Narrandera ... 3.2 .. 3.2 .. 3.5 .. 4.9 (33)

Umpire: Arthur Wickham

Other matches - Leeton 10.9 (69) def Darlington Point 8.6 (54), Whitton 4.9 () def by Fivebough 10.10 (70). 

First Semi Final - Sunday August 1, 1937 at Leeton Showground
Griffith ............. 3.3 .. 3.4 .. 9.10 .. 10.10 (70)
Narrandera .... 0.1 .. 3.6 .. 4.6 .. 5.10 (40)

Best players: Griffith: Alf Anstee, Bruce Dawes, James Whelan, Jack Mohr, Reg Hutchins, Bob Hutchins
Narrandera: Alan Headlam, Stan Day, Athol Charlesworth, Perc Bushby, Frank Malcolm, Fred Savage, Kevin Anderson
Umpire: Arthur Wickham.  Gate: £18/11/-
Griffith: Alf Anstee (capt), Jim Collis, WH Smith, Jack Hutchins, WH Thompson, Pat Cummins, Reg Hutchins, Bob Hutchins, Jim Parker, James Whelan, Bruce Dawes, David H Evans, John Smith, Eddie Forrestal, Mick Cummins, George Wade, Bill Barry, Jack Mohr, Bill Brown
Narrandera: Stan Day (c), Perc Bushby, L Cramp, Les Mulcahy, Martin Johnson, Frank Malcolm, A Hoban, Kevin Anderson, Harry Adams, Jack Bynon, Keith Mulholland, Jack Hayes, Beres Turner, Fred Savage, Alan Headlam, Hector Denny, Athol Charlesworth, Toby Black, Blue Terry
Match report: Griffith's greater pace and better positional play stood them in good stead against Narrandera on Sunday and enabled them to win the first semi-final match of the Kinloch Cup football competition by 30 points. Played on the Leeton showground, the match attracted a large crowd or spectators, notwithstanding the bitterly cold weather. The train from Narrandera was well patronised and a fair number of local residents made the trip to Leeton by car. What promised to be a sparkling game of football was marred by a strong cold wind, which favoured the town-end goal. Griffith were fortunate in having the assistance of the wind for the first and third quarters of the game because in the fourth quarter, when faced with the deficit of 34 points, Narrandera were looking forward to the wind aiding them but instead it calmed to almost a breeze.  Arthur Wickham was an impartial umpire, but at times the pace was a little too fast for him. 

LDFA Second Semi Final - Sunday August 8, 1937 at Leeton Showground
Fivebough .... 2.3 .. 4.4 .. 5.8 .. 7.10 (52)
Leeton ........... 5.1 .. 9.3 .. 11.6 .. 14.10 (94)

Goals: Fivebough: Jim O'Callaghan 2, Eddie Luhrs 2, Roy Poulsen 2, Ron Luhrs
Leeton: Lionel Hastie 5, Tom Peacock 3, William Barry 2, W Sandy, H Ewing, Jack Hopley, C Taylor
Best players: Fivebough: Jack Gladman, Jack Geltch, Eddie Luhrs, Wattie Fuller
Leeton: Lionel Hastie, Jack Colman, Cliff Brown, Richie Younger
Umpire: Arthur Wickham.  Gate: £20/19/-

LDFA Preliminary Final - Sunday August 15, 1937 at Narrandera Sportsground
Fivebough ..... 5.3 .. 5.5 .. 10.9 .. 13.11 (89)
Griffith ........... 1.4 .. 7.11 .. 8.12 .. 11.14 (80)

Best players: Fivebough: Jack Gladman, Roy Poulsen, Len Byrnes, Wattie Fuller, Eddie Luhrs
Griffith: Alf Anstee, WH Thompson, Jack Hutchins, Jim Parker, Eddie Forrestal, Bruce Dawes
Fivebough: Cec 'Scroggs' Hopley (capt.), Len Byrnes, Stan Astbury, Keith Reberger, Jack Gladman, Jack Geltch, Roy Fuller, Eddie Luhrs, Alan McCormack, Roy Poulsen, Wattie Fuller, Ron Luhrs, George O'Sullivan, Jim O'Callaghan, Alf Geltch, Alan Helson, Jack Lang, Harold Lonnie; Keith Schier
Griffith: Alf Anstee (capt.), Jim Collis, WH Smith, Jack Hutchins, WH Thompson, Pat Cummins, Reg Hutchins, Bob Hutchins, Jim Parker, James Whelan, Bruce Dawes, David H Evans, John Smith, Eddie Forrestal, Mick Cummins, Jack Mohr, George Wade, Bill Barry; Arthur Inman
Umpire: Arthur Wickham.  Gate: £25/10/6
Match report: The final match between Griffith and Fivebough, which was played on the Narrandera sports ground on Sunday, was a magnificent game, being splendidly contested throughout. There was a large crowd of spectators, the gate-takings amounting to £25, and excitement was rife, especially during the last quarter when Griffith fought valiantly to snatch a last-minute victory. Kicking with the wind, Fivebough forced the play in the first quarter and registered 5 goals 3 behinds to Griffith 1 goal 4 behinds - 33 to 10. Griffith gave a good display in the second quarter and had the onlookers on their toes. In this term Griffith outplayed Fivebough, and, by scoring 6 goals 7 behinds to Fivebough's 2 behinds, led by 10 points at half-time. With the assistance of the wind in the third quarter Fivebough again attacked vigorously and succeeded in scoring 5 goals 4 behinds, which Griffith replied with 1 goal 1 behind. When the last quarter commenced Fivebough only had a lead of nine points, and Griffith supporters were hopeful that their team would prevail, especially as most of the scoring had been done at the the southern goal. A battle royal ensued, and Fivebough set up a solid defence, which enabled them to confine Griffith's scoring to 3 goals 2 behinds, a score they were also able to register, and they thus managed to hold a winning margin of nine points. Towards the end of this quarter Griffith led by three points, and excitement was intense. By smart forward play, however, Fivebough managed to kick two goals, and win the match by nine points. The final scores were: Fivebough, 13 goals 11 behinds (89); Griffith, 11 goals 14 behinds (80).  Arthur Wickham was an impartial umpire.

LDFA Grand Final - Sunday August 22, 1937 at Leeton Showground
Leeton .............. 0.0 .. 4.4 .. 4.4 .. 6.10 (46)
Fivebough ...... 4.7 .. 5.7 .. 10.14 .. 10.15 (75)

Best players: Leeton: Jack Colman, Joe Browne, Lionel Hastie
Fivebough: Cec Hopley, Jack Gladman, Jack Geltch, Roy Poulsen
Leeton: Lionel Hastie (capt.), Charlie Taylor, Alf Browne, Cliff Brown, J McGilvray, Con Dacey, Ritchie Younger, Albert Wiseman, Tom Peacock, Jack Hopley, W Sandy, Rip Stevenson, W Barry, A Palmer, H Ewing, Jack Colman, Ben Roberts, Joe Browne; R Petts
Fivebough: Cec 'Scroggs' Hopley (capt.), E. 'Pat' Wilson, Len Byrnes, Stan Astbury, Keith Reberger, Jack Gladman, Jack Geltch, Roy Fuller, Eddie Luhrs, Alan McCormack, Roy Poulsen, Wattie Fuller, Ron Luhrs, George O'Sullivan, Jim O'Callaghan, Alf Geltch, Alan Helson, Jack Lang; Harold Lonnie
Umpire: Arthur Wickham.  Gate: £36/7/

LDFA Reserves Grand Final - Sunday September 12, 1937 at Narrandera Sportsground
Grong Grong ..... 2.7 .. 5.9 .. 12.13 .. 13.16 (94)
Narrandera ...... 1.2 .. 3.5 .. 7.5 .. 11.7 (73)

Umpire: A Wickham
Grong Grong become holders of the Cabaret Cup.


Les Anderson, Alf Anstee, Eddie Ashcroft, Bill Barry, Bill Blair, Bruce Briggs, Bill Brown, George Christoff, Jim Collis, Mick "Ike" Cummins, Pat Cummins, Bruce Dawes, Dave H. Evans, Neil Evans, Eddie Forrestal, Bob Hutchins, Jack Hutchins, Reg Hutchins, Arthur Inman, Ken McKenzie, Jack Mohr, Jim Parker, Edwin "Nugget" Peters, Ron Shaw, Cecil V. Smith, John Smith, William H. Smith, Robert Tasker, Walter H. Thompson, George Wade, Cyril Wall, James Whelan.


Debuts: Eddie Ashcroft, Bill Blair, George Christoff, Neil Evans, Bob Hutchins, Jack Hutchins, Reg Hutchins, Ken McKenzie, Jack Mohr, Edwin Peters, Robert Tasker, Cyril Wall, James Whelan. 
Final Games: Les Anderson, Eddie Ashcroft, Bill Blair, George Christoff, Mick Cummins, Ken McKenzie, Jack Mohr,  Robert Tasker, Cyril Wall, James Whelan.

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