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Glen Kinchie Cup -  Sunday April 28, 1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ..... 2.2 .. 4.3 .. 4.7 .. 4.14 (38)
Leeton ..... 0.1 .. 2.3 .. 3.5 .. 5.6 (36)

Umpire: A Harding (Leeton). Gate: £5/6/-
Match report: Leeton journeyed to Griffith to play a challenge match for the Glen Kinchie Cup, it being the first match of the season. Rice harvesting kept the locals away from the football field, gave the young players and new men a chance, as only nine of Leeton's last year's premiers were available. Griffith too were short of six of their regulars. Still, it was a good try out for those who are keen on gaining a place in the South-West teams. Fred Savage had his men in good condition for an early start, and no doubt Griffith handled the ball well and seem to have two more players there to get the ball than Leeton. Before the game "Scroggs" Hopley was again elected captain, with Eddie Luhrs vice-captain.


Glen Kinchie Cup -  Sunday May 5, 1940 at Leeton Showground
Leeton ..... 3.6 .. 3.10 .. 4.11 .. 5.14 (44)  
Griffith ..... 1.1 .. 2.4 .. 4.7 .. 7.8 (50) 

Leeton: C Hopley (capt.), W Irwin, C Brown, A McCormack, R Luhrs, J Curtis, H Lonnie, R Younger, J Crouch, T McEwan, T Block, J Breed, L Byrnes, J Colman, A Geltch, E Luhrs, R Helson, J Schier
Griffith: F Savage (capt.), R Bamford, A Charlesworth, J Parker, D Russell, G Wade, J Flattley, B Dawes, G Redding, C Kellaher, H J Rosengreen, S Stevenson, E Gladman, K Mulholland, J Bone, A McNeil, W Bell, H McKellar
Match report: In a low scoring match Griffith secured six-point win over Leeton on the Showground, and carried away with them the Tatt's Cigarette Cup, donated by Messrs Dalgety and Co., through Mr. McNamara, of Wade Hotel. Griffith without the Hutchins brothers and their victory came as a surprise, especially when the home side had a tally of 3 goals 6 behinds before their opponents looked like scoring. The home side lacked condition and Fred Savage, the visiting captain was quick to sense this advantage and had his team keeping up the pressure which eventually brought victory. Excitement ran high in the last quarter when the "Magpies"' looked like retrieving a lost game, after being 15 points to the bad, they came within one goal of a win. The match was in the aid of the Patriotic Fund, the gross takings being only £5/18/-. Mr. "Curley" Harding umpired the game giving general satisfaction.


SWDFL Round 1 -  Sunday May 12, 1940 at Leeton Showground
Leeton .... 1.1 .. 6.5 .. 9.9 .. 12.12 (84)
Griffith .... 1.1 .. 2.1 .. 3.5 .. 5.7 (37)

Goals: Leeton: J Crouch 4, E Wilson 4, E Luhrs, A Geltch, J Colman, R Luhrs
Griffith: W Barry 3, G Redding, R Charlesworth
Leeton: C Hopley (capt.), J Geltch, E Luhrs, A McCormack, R Luhrs, J Curtis, H Lonnie, E Wilson, J Crouch, T McEwan, G Block, R Younger, L Byrnes, J Colman, A Geltch, W Irwin, H McKellar, J Browne; J Breed
Griffith: F Savage (capt.), L W Green, K Reid, G Wade, D Russell, A Tyndall, Bob Hutchins, J C Flattley, G Redding, S Stevenson, H J Rosengreen, R Bamford, E Gladman, K Cox, K Mulholland, A Charlesworth, W Barry

Other matches - Coolamon 10.11 (71) def by Ganmain 13.11 (89), Matong 4.2 (26) def by Grong Grong 8.14 (62), Narrandera 14.12 (96) def Whitton 9.12 (66)
Match report: After been beaten by Griffith on the two previous Sunday's, away and home, this easy victory for home team was quite unexpected, the visitors were weak in the forward division while Colman in the centre was giving Leeton the lion's share of the ball. In the first quarter the scores were kept down to only one goal one behind each. With the start of the second term Leeton started to show some semblance of teamwork and the crowd enjoyed the pleasure of seeing chains of marks occasionally. For most of the part, however, the players of both teams satisfied themselves by just kicking blindly, hardly thinking to pick out a teammate. This football was generally so much a wasted effort, as the ball had an unhappy knack of reaching the hands of an opponent. The central umpire, Mr. R W Marney, of Wagga, kept the game open and was consistent with his rulings. The players still give away too many frees for not getting rid of the ball.


SWDFL Round 2 - Sunday May 19,1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ............. 10.10 (70
Narrandera .... 5.9 (39)

Gate: £7/5/3

Other matches - Grong Grong 6.5 (41) def by Coolamon 14.15 (99), Leeton 5.11 (41) def  Ganmain 3.18 (36), Whitton 12.11 (83) def Matong 5.4 (34).
Match report: The defeat of the Narrandera team was not unexpected when it was learnt that several of the regulars were unable to play, but nevertheless the Griffith players were right on their game and may have even won if Narrandera was at full strength. 
SWDFL Round 3 - Sunday May 26, 1940 at Kindra Park
Coolamon .....  9.16 (70)
Griffith .........  6.3 (39)

Goals: Coolamon:  G Day 3, C Davis 3, J Green 2, W Leary<br>
Griffith: G Wade 2, S Stevenson, W Barry, K Mulholland, R Hutchins
Best players: Coolamon: M Priest, M Hurst, D Barker, E Barker, R Johnson, Terry Maloney
Griffith: J Parker, F Savage, A Tyndall, S Stevenson, K Cox
Umpire: E Towsell (Wagga).

Other matches - Ganmain 15.22 (112) def Whitton 8.5 (53), Grong Grong 3.10 (28) def by Leeton 8.8 (56), Matong 6.10 (46) def by Narrandera 18.9 (117).

SWDFL Round 4 -  Sunday June 2, 1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ........ 8.11 (59)
Ganmain .... 9.11 (65)

Gate: £9/16/-.

Other matches - Leeton 17.27 (129) def Matong 1.0 (6), Narrandera 8.10 (58) def by Coolamon 7.23 (65), Whitton 9.13 (67) def Grong Grong 9.5 (59).

SWDFL Round 5 - Sunday June 9, 1940 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton .... 15.12 (102)
Griffith ..... 7.6 (48)

Other matches - Leeton 17.27 (129) def Matong 1.0 (6), Narrandera 8.10 (58) def by Coolamon 7.23 (65), Whitton 9.13 (67) def Grong Grong 9.5 (59).

SWDFL Round 6 -  Sunday  June 16, 1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith def Grong Grong on forfeit

Other matches - Leeton 13.10 (88) def Whitton 6.9 (45), Matong 8.5 (53) def by Coolamon 14.22 (106), Narrandera 10.19 (79) def Ganmain 8.8 (56).

Reserves Challenge Cup - Sunday June 23, 1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ...... 2.1 .. 2.4 .. 2.5 .. 5.8 (38)
Leeton ...... 3.2 .. 7.4 .. 8.9 .. 9.13 (67)

Best players: Griffith: R Dobson 2, J Parker, S Stevenson, W Thompson
Leeton: P O'Connell 4, V Armstrong 2, P Sullivan, J Mangelsdolf, B Sheldrick
Match report: Some idea of the high calibre players looking over the fence may be gauged from the match at Griffith on Sunday. A team of reserves under the charge of Mr. Dick Taylor went across for a cup and despite the fact that the Mirrool team included several recognised first-grade players, landed the bacon. 

SWDFL Round 7 - Sunday June 30, 1940 at Matong Sportsground
Matong ....... 8.6 (54)
Griffith ....... 7.15 (57)

Other matches - Coolamon 17.15 (117) def Whitton 10.11 (71), Ganmain 26.26 (182) def Grong Grong 1.4 (10), Narrandera 5.16 (46) def by Leeton 10.13 (73).

SWDFL Round 8 - Sunday July 7, 1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ...... 2.1 .. 2.1 .. 5.5 .. 7.4 (46)
Leeton ...... 1.1 .. 3.8 .. 5.10 .. 5.13 (43)

Goals: Griffith:  G Wade 3, W Barry 2, A Tyndall, S Stevenson
Best players: Griffith: D Russell, G Wade, J Parker, R Hutchins
Leeton: R Luhrs, J Jennings, A McCormack, W Irwin
Gate: £5/10/-

Other matches - Ganmain 10.10 (70) def by Coolamon 13.17 (95), Grong Grong 14.11 (95) def Matong 2.12 (24), Whitton 14.15 (99) def Narrandera 4.9 (33).
Match report: At the Showground on Sunday, in a very hard, fast and even game, Griffith came from behind and defeated Leeton by three points. Leeton seemed to have the game all sewed up, but Griffith, displaying remarkable determination, went on to score a fine win in the last few minutes of play. The small scores registered will give an idea of the evenness of the sides, and by their victory Griffith are going to be a hard nut for teams to crack. Leeton were last year's premiers, and are a good side.   

SWDFL Round 9 - Sunday July 14, 1940 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera ....  0.2 .. 3.7 .. 3.8 .. 3.13 (31)
Griffith ............  2.8 .. 2.11 .. 3.22 .. 5.26 (56)

Goals: Griffith: A Tyndall 2, B Dawes, J Parker
Leeton: J Crouch 2, J Curtis, J Jennings, E Luhrs
Best players: Griffith: F Savage, S Green, B Dawes, G Wade, J Parker, D Russell
Narrandera: A Walton, S Day, L Longmore, V Woolnough, A Hunt

Other matches - Coolamon 11.21 (87) def Grong Grong 3.3 (21), Ganmain 26.18 (174) def Leeton 9.3 (57), Matong 7.8 (50) def by Whitton 11.9 (75).
Match report: In a game featured by shocking kicking for goal, Griffith justified the confidence of their supporters and trounced Narrandera on their own ground to the tune of Griffith 5 goals 26 behind (56 points), Narrandera 3 goals 13 behind (31 points). There was nothing between the teams until half time, as only two points separated the teams but Griffith playing better combination ran out comfortable winners.  


SWDFL Round 10 - Sunday July 21, 1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ............ 2.3 .. 2.10 .. 3.12 .. 5.12 (42)
Coolamon ...... 0.5 .. 1.6 .. 3.9 .. 4.16 (40)

Goals: Griffith: W Barry 2, L Crump 2, S Stevenson
Coolamon: D Nest 2, G Day, E Manglesdolf
Best players: Griffith: L Crump, J Parker, F Savage, T Russell, K Cox
Coolamon: E Barker, D Barker, W Leary, R Johnson, C Mann
Gate: £7/7/-

Other matches - Leeton 11.24 (90) def Grong Grong 2.5 (17), Narrandera 13.14 (92) def Matong 2.8 (20), Whitton 8.10 (58) def by Ganmain 17.11 (113).
Match report: Griffith brought Coolamon's long run to an end on Sunday when the red and whites repeated the performance of last year by coming from behind and defeating the "Greens", cleverly, if nor comfortably. The forwards of both teams were erratic in their kicking for goal as the scoreboard read: Griffith 5 goals 12 behinds (42 points), Coolamon 4 goals 16 behinds (40 points). The game was hard and both sides had to make replacements through injuries. Umpire Bill Murphy had charge and his decisions were often criticised.  


SWDFL Round 11 - Sunday July 28, 1940 at Ganmain Sportsground
Ganmain def Griffith on forfeit

Other matches - Coolamon 19.26 (130) def Narrandera 7.16 (58), Grong Grong 6.10 (46) def by Whitton 9.16 (70), Matong 6.8 (44) def by Leeton 6.12 (48).
Match report: Griffith were compelled to forfeit to Ganmain on Sunday owing to receiving late advice of the running of the special train. It is the usual practice for the train to leave at 11 am., as mentioned in Friday's "Area News." Advice was not received until late Saturday evening, it being too late to get in touch with players who live out of town. Sooner than travel to Ganmain without a full team, Griffith decided to forfeit the engagement. The special train left Griffith at 10.10 am.


SWDFL Round 12 - Sunday  August 4, 1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ...... 2.2 .. 5.3 .. 7.7 .. 7.8 (50)
Whitton .... 1.1 .. 4.4 .. 7.6 .. .. 8.13 (61)

Gate: £6/6/-

Other matches - Leeton 8.4 (52) def by Coolamon 4.12 (36), Matong 2.4 (16) def by Ganmain 23.21 (159), Narrandera 11.13 (79) def Grong Grong 9.10 (64). 
Match report: Griffith suffered a surprising defeat at the hands of Whitton on Sunday. The red and whites after the sterling wins against the leaders of the competition looked to have a mortgage on this game, but after holding a slender lead until three quarter time, Whitton finished too solidly for their opponents and won well. Whitton, by their win, displace Griffith from fourth position, but this is likely to be reversed before the round finishes as Whitton have the leaders whereas Griffith have two easy matches.


SWDFL Round 13 - Sunday  August 11, 1940 at Grong Grong Oval
Grong Grong d Griffith by 19 points

Other matches - Coolamon 43-23 (281) def Matong 1-1 (7), Ganmain 14.28 (112) def Narrandera 2.8 (20), Whitton 7.8 (50) def Leeton 6.9 (45).

Report: In the South-Western League competition before last Sunday three teams Coolamon, Leeton and Ganmain were equal on points (36) for first place, percentages giving Ganmain a slight lead. On Sunday, Matong, the weakest team in the competition, journeyed to Coolamon, owing to the keen battle for first place, put in a strong 18 to build up their percentage. It was generally realised that Coolamon would win by a large margin, but that they would put up such a mammoth score as they did was not expected, the full scores being Coolamon 43 goals 23 behinds (281) to Matong's one goal one behind (7). Jack Green, a forward of outstanding ability, scored 22 goals from 30 shots. The gate realised only £5. Green's total of 22 goals and the full score of 43.23 represents records for South-Western football. (Daily Advertiser - Aug 13, 1940)

SWDFL Round 14 - Sunday August 18, 1940 at Griffith Showground
Griffith def Matong on forfeit

Other matches - Grong Grong 7.8 (50) def by Ganmain 13.16 (94), Leeton 9.18 (72) def Narrandera 3.4 (22), Whitton 9.13 (67) def Coolamon 9.11 (65).

SWDFL First Semi Final - Sunday August 25, 1940 at Narrandera Sportsground
Leeton ......  4.3 .. 7.5 .. 12.8 .. 12.9 (81)
Whitton .... 1.0 .. 2.3 .. 3.5 .. 4.12 (36)

Goals: Leeton: E Wilson 3, L Hastie 3, R Luhrs, R Nunn, W Bell, C Hopley, P O'Connell  
Whitton: O DeMamiel, E Thompson
Leeton: Cec Hopley (capt), Ron Luhrs, Lionel Hastie, Richie Younger, Jack Crouch, Pat Wilson, Joe Browne, P Curtis, J Jennings, Harold Lonnie, Ken Boys, Alan McCormack, Paddy O'Connell, L Denham, Les Dare, R Nunn, W Irwin, Jack Colman, Wilbur Bell
Whitton: Perc Weaven (capt), Jack Joyce, Lew, Les, Ted and Doug Thompson, Bill Painting, Joe Painting, Danny Rhodes, Jim Rhodes, Vic Wallett, Reg Tongs, Pat Withers, C Collins, E Farrant, Les Boeck, Ossie De Mamiel, Frank De Mamiel; G Pitts.  Emergency: Bobby Hoggard
Umpire: Smith (VFL). 
SWDFL Second Semi Final - Sunday September 1, 1940 at Matong Sportsground
Ganmain ...... 1.3 .. 3.4 .. 9.10 .. 12.12 (84)
Coolamon .... 1.3 .. 2.4 .. 10.8 .. 14.10 (94)

Ganmain: Norm Le Brun (c-c), Frank Carroll, Bill, Roy and Barry McPherson, Jack and Arthur Crozier, Maurice and Jack Buchanan, Sid Hubbard, Clon Heath, Garney Logan, Jim and E Murphy, Doug Allamby, H Hetherington, S Mangelsdolf, Les Crozier 
Coolamon: Merv Hurst, Eddie Mangelsdolf, Errol Barker, Dudley Barker, Jack Green, Merv Priest, Hector Eyles, W Leary, Chas Davis, D Nest, G Hawthorn, Allen Moller, Tom Maloney, C Mann, Albert Williamson, Gill Day, Don Irvine, Roy Johnson
Umpire: H Clayton (V FL). Gate: £54.


SWDFL Preliminary Final - Sunday September 15, 1940 at Narrandera Sportsground
Ganmain .... 4.2 .. 10.5 .. 15.10 .. 17.14 (116)
Leeton ........ 3.4 .. 6.6 .. 7.10 .. 12.18 (90)

Ganmain: N LeBrun (c-c), R McPherson, G Logan, A Crozier, S Hubbard, J Crozier, D Allanby, F Carroll, E Murphy, C Heath, L Crozier, B McPherson, J Buchanan, J Murphy, S Carrett, S Mangelsdorf, W McPherson, H Hetherington, R Sim
Leeton: Cecil Hopley, Ron Luhrs, Lionel Hastie, Jack Crouch, Pat Wilson, Cliff Brown, Joe Browne, Jack Geltch, P Curtis, J Jennings, Harold Lonnie, Ken Boys, Alan McCormack, Paddy O'Connell, L Denham, Les Dare, R Nunn, W Irwin, Wilbur Bell
Umpire: H Clayton (VFL).  Gate: £45/8/6.


SWDFL Grand Final - Sunday September 22, 1940 at Ganmain Sportsground
Coolamon .... 2.3 .. 4.6 .. 6.13 .. 10.17 (77)
Ganmain ...... 5.3 .. 12.8 .. 17.10 .. 22.14 (146)

Goals: Coolamon: C Davis 4, J Green 2, D Nest, W Leary, D Irvine, G Hawthorn
Ganmain: C Heath 6, E Murphy 4, D Allamby 4, A Crozier 2, G Logan 2, H Hetherington 2, N Le Brun, W McPherson
Best: Coolamon: M Priest
Ganmain: N Le Brun
Ganmain: Norm Le Brun (c-c), Frank Carroll, Bill, Roy and Barry McPherson, Jack and Arthur Crozier, Maurice and Jack Buchanan, Sid Hubbard, Clon Heath, Garney Logan, Jim and E Murphy, Doug Allamby, H Hetherington, S Mangelsdolf, Les Crozier 
Coolamon: Merv Hurst (capt), Eddie Mangelsdolf, Errol Barker, Dudley Barker, Jack Green, Merv Priest, Hector Eyles, W Leary, Chas Davis, D Nest, G Hawthorn, Allen Moller, Tom Maloney, C Mann, Bert Williamson, Gill Day, Don Irvine, Roy Johnson; Terry Maloney
Umpire: Harry Clayton (VFL).  Gate: £92/2/-. 


Bill Barry, R. 'Brickie' Bamford, Roy Besley, Jim Bone, Carpenter, Athol Charlesworth, Keith Cox, Lionel Crump, Bruce Dawes, Jim C. Flattley, Eddie Forrestal, Ernie Gladman, Martin Graham, Roy Graham, Laurie Green, Stan Green, Robert Hutchins, Arthur Inman, Colin Kelleher, Keith Mulholland, Jim Parker, Peacock, George Redding, Ken Reid, Hector Robinson, H. J. Rosengreen, Dan Russell, Tom Russell, Fred J. Savage, Syd Stevenson, Anthony "Joe" Tyndall, George Wade.


Debuts: R. Bamford, Jim Bone, Carpenter, Keith Cox, Lionel Crump, Keith Mulholland, Dan Russell, Tom Russell, Anthony 'Joe' Tyndall. 
Final Games: Jim Bone, Carpenter, Athol Charlesworth, Keith Cox, Ernie Gladman, Laurie Green, Colin Kelleher, Keith Mulholland, Peacock, George Redding, Hector Robinson, H. J. Rosengreen, Tom Russell.

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