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LDFA Round 1 - Sunday  May 25, 1941 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .... 1.0 .. 3.1 .. 6.3 .. 8.8 (56)
Yenda ...... 1.8 .. 1.9 .. 2.15 . 3.19 (37)

Goals: Griffith: E Forrestal 2, A Tyndall 2, D Foley 2, G Wade, L Crump
Yenda: E Geddes, R Geddes, C Roffe
Griffith: Fred Savage (capt.), R Bamford, Roy Besley, Jim Flood*, Anthony Tyndall, Eddie Forrestal, Bob Hutchins, E. Thompson, Kevin Tyndall, Jim Flattery, Andy Colliss, Reg Hutchins, Lionel Crump, Syd Stevenson, George Wade, Dan Foley, Jim Parker, Joe Owen
Yenda: Cyril Roffe (capt.), Don Stevenson, B Black, Dan Munro, Ian Stevenson, C Lawson, Hal Waide, L Rees, Jack Rowan, Ron Matheson, Mil Clarke, Eric Geddes, D Conlan, Roy Geddes, Gordon Reid, Joe Langtry, Vic Roffe, C Moore
Umpire: Jim Collis.  Goal umpires: Jack Skeiner (Griffith), W
illiam 'Pouncer' Wade (Yenda). Gate: £5

Other matches - Airforce 11.15 (81) def Whitton 11.6 (72), Leeton 6.10 (46) def by Narrandera 10.3 (63).  
Match report: The splendid football and all-round enjoyableness of the opening matches of the Kinloch Cup Competition, played on Sunday last, augers well for the successful re-establishment of the L.D.F.A., after a year in recess.  Yenda, the new team in the competition, put up a very good showing against their more experienced opponents, Griffith. This match was played before a large attendance on the Griffith Showground. 


LDFA Round 2 - Sunday June 1, 1941 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton ... 3.0 .. 8.7 .. 10.8 .. 10.12 (72)
Griffith .... 2.1 .. 3.2 .. 5.4 .. 6.5 (41)

Goals: Whitton: Ted Thompson 5, W Asmus 2, W Painting, E Poynter
Griffith: n/a
Best players: Whitton: Ted and Doug Thompson, P Weaven, J Lawson
Griffith: F Savage, W Barry, R Besley
Griffith: F Savage (capt.), S Stevenson, J Parker, R Besley, R Bamford, W Barry, B Dawes, K Tyndall, G Wade, Bill Collis, E Forrestal, J Flood, B Turner*, R Dobson*, D Foley, S Green, E Thompson
Umpire: A Harding (Leeton)

Other matches - Narrandera 10.7 (67) def Airforce 7.11 (53), Yenda 5.5 (41) def Leeton 4.7 (31).
Match report: The Kinloch Cup matches on Sunday were played at Narrandera, Whitton and Yenda and in all three games the home teams were able to adapt themselves to the wet conditions and were the winners. The rain and heavy-going delayed Griffith who had to travel by road to Whitton. They arrived short of a team and without the Hutchins brothers, so did well to hold the home team at all. Considering the wet conditions, a good game was seen. The team was one man short till half-time and then two men for a while thereafter. In the third quarter Kevin Tyndall had a nasty knock and was carried off the field. However, he resumed play in the last quarter. It held Whitton till half time, but in the third quarter Whitton added four goals and gained the lead which it held to the finish. The ground was in extraordinarily good condition till drizzling rain preceded a storm in the last quarter.

LDFA Round 3 - Sunday June 8, 1941 at Leeton Showground
Leeton ..... 0.6 .. 0.11 .. 0.11 .. 2.13 (25)
Griffith ...  1.2 .. 2.4 ..  4.6 .. 5.7 (37)

Goals: Leeton: E Luhrs, C Hehir
Griffith: Cecil Tyndall 2, W Barry 2, D Foley
Griffith: F Savage (capt.), E Forrestal, B Hutchins, R Graham, R Besley, J Flood, Anthony, Kevin and Cec Tyndall, D Foley, G Wade, R Hutchins, Joe Collis, R Bamford, E Thompson, J Parker, W Barry, B Turner, R Dobson
Umpire: Jim Collis.  Goal umpires: J Skeiner (Griffith), D Taylor (Leeton).

Other matches -  Airforce 11.12 (78) def Yenda 4.13 (37), Whitton 13.9 (87) def Narrandera 6.5 (41). 
Match report: Griffith journeyed to Leeton on Sunday and displayed its prowess by defeating the home team by 12 points.
A heavy shower and also a storm occurred before the game commenced, but the ground was in good condition considering the rain. Leeton were favoured with a slight breeze in the first quarter, but failed to take advantage as the scores indicate. Leeton in the second quarter tried hard to overtake a slight lead, but half-time found Griffith still in the lead, In the third quarter, Griffith attacked consistently, and scored fourteen points to Leeton's nil, giving a handy lead at the last change. During the last quarter, Eddie Luhrs and C. Hehir each kicked a goal for Leeton, whilst Griffith managed to score 1 goal 1 behind.


LDFA Round 4 - Sunday June 15, 1941 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ...... 2.3 .. 3.8 .. 3.11 .. 4.21 (43)
Airforce ..... 0.4 .. 1.5 .. 4.9 .. 4.11 (35) 

Griffith: F Savage (capt.), S Stevenson (v-c), L Crump, R Besley, R Hutchins, B Hutchins, K Tyndall, A Tyndall, S Bice, B Dawes, W Barry, J Flood, Joe Collis, J Parker, E Forrestal, D Foley, M Graham, G Wade
Airforce: A. Beasley (capt.), J W Kennedy, K Jeffrey, D Blight, J M Prisk, Berry, J Ganards, L  Moore, Manuel, R O Edwards, M W Box, L A Mudford, J Holwell, R J Pelum, A Jones, P R Peterson, C S Norman, C P French; Hyde
Umpire: Jim Collis.  Boundary: Leo O'Dwyer (Griffith), Martin (RAAF); Goal: Jack Skeiner, Timekeeper: A Gronn. Gate: £7/18/9

Other matches - Narrandera 14.20 (104) def Yenda 7.6 (48), Whitton 7.13 (55) def by Leeton 11.7 (73).
Match report: Still and sore from their match against Wagga on the day previous, the Airforce team was slightly handicapped in their match at Griffith. After a close game the home team won by the narrow margin of ten points. Griffith played an infinitely better game that it did on the same ground three weeks previously in the opening match of the season against Yenda. All round there was a marked improvement. Fred Savage, Griffith captain, was magnificent, being almost unplayable. Veritable, he was a team in himself. Vice-captain Syd Stevenson, too, constantly shone out brilliantly and from his boot came a well-kicked goal. Undoubtedly, Griffith is well served in the matter of example, in fact no team could be better lead. So many others did remarkably fine work that it would be difficult to particularise. Stan Bice, who is one of the outstanding Rugby League players, demonstrated his versatility as a footballer by appearing as an exponent of the Australian Rules code and putting in some valuable defensive work for Griffith.
LDFA Round 5 - Sunday June 22, 1941 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera .... 2.2 .. 6.9 .. 8.12 .. 13.17 (95)
Griffith ............. 5.3 .. 6.3 .. 8.5 .. 9.8 (62)

Goals: Narrandera: F Whyte 3, L Foley 3, B Terry 3, T Davis 2, M Hutchinson, L McQualter
Griffith: D Foley 3, S Stevenson 2, W Barry, J Flood, J Collis, G Wade
Griffith: Reg Hutchins (capt.), Bob Hutchins, S Stevenson, B Dawes, W Barry, D Foley, N Griggs*, E Forrestal, J Collis, J Flood, Dan Russell, G Wade, R Besley, J Parker, Anthony, Kevin and C Tyndall, M Graham; E Thompson
Umpire: (Narrandera). Boundary: Jack Wood.  Goal: Jack Skeiner, Smith (Narrandera)

Other matches - Leeton 16.10 (106) def Airforce 9.9 (63), Yenda 4.11 (35) def by Whitton 7.8 (50).
Match report: By defeating Griffith in the match on the Narrandera Sportsground on Sunday. Narrandera leads in the number of points scored at the end of the first round of the Kinlock Cup Australian Rules competition. A good number of supporters accompanied the team by train which left Griffith at about 1 p.m., and returned at 8.45 p.m. The absence of Fred Savage (Griffith captain) on account of suffering from a bad hand greatly weakened the team. Narrandera put up a very fast game. Though Narrandera commenced scoring accounts, at the end of the first quarter trailed Griffith by 19 points. In the second quarter, Narrandera scored four goals and seven behinds to one goal registered by Griffith. In the third quarter, play was very even, Narrandera scoring one more point than the visitors. As in the opening quarter splendid team work was shown by Griffith. The last quarter saw Narrandera ever increasing the advantage it held at the commencement of that period. 

LDFA Round 6 - Sunday June 29, 1941 at Yenda Oval
Yenda ...... 1.5 .. 3.10 .. 5.14 .. 6.15 (51)
Griffith .... 2.3 .. 6.6 .. 6.8 .. 7.14 (56)

Other matches - Narrandera 7.7 (49) def by Leeton 13.12 (90), Whitton 6.25 (61) def by Airforce 9.9 (63).  
Match report: Griffith footballers made the trip to Yenda on Sunday and defeated the locals 7.14 to 6.15. The game was very good and even, though there was not a large crowd present. The local football following is quite satisfied that the team will improve and do better in the next round when they strengthen the forwards, who, as yet, are playing more individually than as a team.

LDFA Round 7 -  Sunday July 6, 1941 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .... 1.6 .. 2.6 .. 6.6 .. 8.8 (56)
Whitton ... 1.1 .. 1.5 .. 4.9 .. 5.10 (40)

Goals: Griffith: D Foley 3, R Graham, G Wade, S Stevenson, B Briggs, W Barry 
Griffith: Reg Hutchins (capt.), Bob Hutchins, J Parker, S Stevenson, G Wade, B Dawes, W Barry, K Tyndall, C Tyndall, A Tyndall, R Wells, D Foley, L Crump, J Dedini, B Briggs, R Graham, N Griggs, J Collis
Umpire: Charlie Gladman.  Goal Umpires: Jack Skeiner, Bill Thompson. Timekeeper: Jack Wood. Gate: £4/13/-

Other matches - Airforce 8.11 (59) def Narrandera 8.9 (57), Leeton 13.6 (84) def Yenda 5.10 (40). 
Match report: Griffith defeated Whitton in the hard-played match on the Griffith Showground on Sunday by 16 points. The game proved to be very fast right from the beginning. There was a definite breeze right throughout, favouring the grandstand goal. In the first quarter, Griffith, favoured by the breeze, were unfortunate in hitting the post twice, but at the end of the term led by five points. Griffith were able to hold Whitton during the second quarter, scoring a goal to four behinds gained by the opposing side. The third quarter's play was very even, Griffith scoring four goals by good kicking to Whitton's 3 goals 4 behinds. During the last quarter, Griffith outplayed Whitton, being faster to the ball. Whitton team seemed to be tiring. Griffith annexed 2 goals 2 behinds to Whitton's goal and a behind. 

LDFA Round 8 - Sunday July 13, 1941 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .... 1.1 .. 2.4 .. 2.4 .. 4.5 (29)
Leeton ..... 1.3 .. 2.5 .. 3.6 .. 4.7 (31)

Goals: Griffith: W Barry 2, D Foley, Col Tyndall
Leeton: J Jennings 2, J Burt, J Curtis
Umpire: Charlie Gladman. Gate: £5/19/-

Other matches - Narrandera 10.10 (70) def by Whitton 12.10.82, Yenda 8.6 (54) def Airforce 3.8 (26).
Match report: By the narrow margin of two points, Leeton defeated Griffith on the Griffith Showground on Sunday. Griffith were short of its complement of players at the usual time of commencement and the game was 25 minutes late in starting. Fred Savage, the Griffith captain, who had not played in the last three matches owing to having a bad hand, went over to the ground with his hand covered and said that he was not going to play, but eventually he decided to take the field. Notwithstanding his handicap he was very prominent in the game, and in fact averted Leeton scoring right a the very start. Dan Foley went off the field at half-time with a bad ankle and Kevin Tyndall came on instead. Seventeen minutes were occupied in the third quarter without any scoring being done. Then Leeton raised both flags and later added a point. Griffith failed to score in this quarter. Once the leather was bouncing on rapidly towards the Griffith goal, a Leeton player, by a smart run overtook it, but he was in such a position that he could not help carrying it through the uprights. Whilst a point was registered to Griffith, a goal which as events subsequently proved would have been a match-winning sixer was stayed. The final bell rang just as Col. Tyndall (Griffith) had marked. He registered a goal.


LDFA Round 9 - Sunday July 20, 1941 at Narrandera Sportsground
Air Force ..... 1.0 .. 1.3 .. 4.5 .. 5.10 (40)
Griffith ......... 6.1 .. 9.5 .. 15.7 .. 17.15 (117)

Goals: Griffith: W Barry 5, J Parker 4, R Wells 3, G Wade 2, Reg Hutchins, B Dawes, L O'Dwyer
Griffith: Reg Hutchins (capt.), Bob Hutchins, Col Tyndall, J Parker, S Stevenson, R Besley, B Dawes, Jim Collis, G Wade, W Barry, P Cummins, B Briggs, L O'Dwyer, J Flattley, N Griggs, J Dedini, L Crump, R Graham
Umpire: Les Mulcahy (Narrandeera). Jack Skeiner was goal umpire and Jack Wood was boundary 

Other matches - Leeton 10.10 (70) def Whitton 6.11 (47), Yenda 8.8 (56) def by Narrandera 8.10 (58). 
Match report: The general leave proclaimed over the weekend found the Airforce with only a scratch side which was no match for Griffith.  Griffith quickly established a commanding lead, scoring 6 goals 1 behinds (37 points) to one goal (6 points) registered by R.A.A.F. in the first quarter. In the second quarter, Griffith scored 3 goals 4 behinds to Air Force 3 behinds. In the third quarter, Griffith, by good kicking, scored 6 goals 2 behinds as against 3 goals 2 behinds obtained by R.A.A.F. Play was fairly even in the last quarter, Griffith securing 2 goals 8 behinds to Air Force 1 goal 5 behinds. Thus, Griffith won by a big margin. 


LDFA Round 10 - Sunday, July 27, 1941 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ............. 2.3 .. 7.5 .. 10.5 .. 12.8 (80)
Narrandera .... 2.2 .. 4.2 .. 5.10 .. 7.13 (55)

Goals: Griffith: R Graham 3, W Barry 2, L Crump 2, Bob Hutchins, Reg Hutchins, S Stevenson, J Wells, B Briggs
Narrandera: A Hunt 2, L Foley 2, J Passlow, L McQualter, M Hutchinson
Griffith: F Savage (capt.), S Stevenson, Bob and Reg Hutchins, L Crump, J Wells, B Dawes, W Barry, P Cummins, B Briggs, E Forrestal, R Besley, J Flattley, K Tyndall, Jim Collis, R Graham, J Parker, N Griggs
Narrandera: V Woolnough (capt.), F Whyte, C Weygood, A Hunt, L McQualter, T Hall, J Durnan, M Hutchinson, L Foley, Les Longmore, J Passlow, R Robertson, R Jones, K Brill, J Whitty, J Cottle, A. Hansell, R Dryburgh; C Kerr
Umpire: Arthur Harding (Leeton).  Boundary umpires: Jack Wood (Griffith) and Ted Hardie (Narrandera). Gate: £5/12/9

Other matches - Airforce 3.12 (30) def by Leeton 10.9 (69), Whitton 13.10 (88) def Yenda 7.8 (50).
Match report: Griffith defeated Narrandera in a strongly contested match on the Griffith Showground on Sunday by 25 points. Fred Savage, Griffith's versatile captain, who again led his team, had the misfortune to rick his ankle in the third quarter and was thus handicapped for the remainder of the game. With the exception of one player, Stan Day, Narrandera had its regular team. "We are at our top," said one of the Narrandera party previous to the match. Narrandera commenced with assurance, but Griffith gained the first score - a point. The Narrandera scoring quickly ran up a lead of two goals 2 behinds (14 points) to a single point registered by Griffith. The home team, however, was not long into setting about to remedy the position, and when the quarter time bell sounded it was a point in advance of Narrandera. Just after the second quarter commenced, Leo Foley registered a goal for Narrandera. Griffith counted with a goal, and next added a point almost at once. Griffith made another attempt at a sixer, but Narrandera marked fair in front. Narrandera brought the ball back to its end but Griffith received a free kick and the tension was relieved. Traversing the ground quickly , Griffith scored a goal, followed by a point and a further goal, the result of a long kick by Syd Stevenson. Some fine play from the visitors was seen, and 'Chooda' Hunt raised the two flags. Griffith came with a will and two goals were recorded. Within a few seconds of resuming, Narrandera made up some of the leeway by getting a goal and then two points quickly ensued. Generally, it was a succession of single flags for the visitors in this quarter. The ball, after some pretty play on the part of Griffith, landed in the arms of Bill Barry, and this sure goal kicker easily caused the two flags to be flying. Entering the final quarter, Griffith quickly got two goals. Narrandera vigorously playing an uphill game, twice essayed to secure a goal, but Jim Flattley and a colleague either time marked as the ball was moving truly on its course. Nevertheless, Narrandera twice succeeded.

FINAL LADDER: Leeton 28  137.68%, Griffith 28  118.75, Whitton 20  110.68, Narrandera 20  97.89, Airforce 12  77.99, Yenda 8  72.74.

LDFA First Semi Final - Sunday, August 3, 1941 at Leeton Showground
Whitton ............ 1.1 .. 4.4 .. 7.7 .. 7.10 (52)
Narrandera .... 5.5 .. 5.5 .. 10.9 .. 18.10 (118) 

Goals: Whitton: O DeMamiel 2, J Fitton, W Painting, V Wallett, C Collins
Narrandera: L Foley 7, B Terry 4, A Hunt 2, R Whyte 2, T Davis 2, C Weygood
Best players: Whitton: Lew Thompson, D Thompson, V Wallett, P Weaven, O DeMamiel 
Narrandera: L Foley, A Hunt, V Woolnough, S Day, R Dryburgh
Umpire: Arthur Harding (Leeton)
Whitton: Bill Asmus, E Farrant, Jim Rhodes, C Collins, Doug Thompson, Vic Wallett, Norm Thompson, Lew Thompson, Percy Weaven, C DeMamiel, Danny Rhodes, Cecil Weaven, J Lawson, Jack Fitton, Bill Painting, Fred Aliendi, Les Thompson, Ossie DeMamiel, Les Boeck
Narrandera: Vic Woolnough (capt.), F. Whyte, Allan Hansell, Cyril Weygood, Audley Hunt, Lloyd McQualter, Blue Terry, Tom Davis, Mick Hutchinson, Leo Foley, Les Longmore, Bob Dryburgh, Julian Passlow, R Robertson, Ross Jones, Stan Day, Ken Brill, John Whitty, Jim Cottle.

LDFA Second Semi Final - Sunday August 10, 1941 at Narrandera Sportsground
Leeton ..... 2.1 .. 3.5 .. 7.7 .. 16.19 (115)
Griffith .... 2.1 .. 3.3 .. 4.3 .. 5.5 (35)

Goals: Leeton: J Crouch 4, J Curtis 3, C Hopley 2, E Luhrs 2, J W Jennings 2, P O'Connell, R Luhrs 
Griffith: W Barry 3, K Tyndall 2
Best players: Leeton: R and E Luhrs, R Burt, C Brown, J Curtis, J Jennings>
Griffith: W Barry, E Forrestal, Bob and Reg Hutchins 
Leeton: Cec 'Scroggs' Hopley (capt.), Eddie Luhrs, Harold Lonnie, Joe Browne, Cliff Brown, Jack Geltch, Ron Luhrs, E. 'Pat' Wilson, Roy Burt, T. Sullivan, Paddy O'Connell, J R Lawson, Jack Curtis, Jack Crouch, G. Prismall, Ritchie Younger, Alan McCormack, Jack Burt, Paddy O'Connell
Griffith: Fred Savage (capt.), Reg Hutchins, Anthony Tyndall, Roy Besley, Roy 'Jack' Wells, Bob Hutchins, Bill Barry, Jim Collis, Kevin Tyndall, Bruce Briggs, Jim Flattley, R. Graham, Neil Griggs, Eddie Forrestal, Syd Stevenson, Dan Foley, Bruce Dawes, John Dedini, E. Thompson
Umpire: Arthur Harding (Leeton).  Gate: £19/14/- Boundary: Woolnough and Hunt (Narrandera)
Match report: Griffith were greatly weakened by the absence of four of its outstanding players, namely, Jim Parker, George Wade, Lionel Crump and Joe Collis. Eddie Forrestal,who was playing a great game had to leave the ground early in the last quarter owing to a knee injury. E. Thompson (19th) came on. Until half-time the game was very even, there being only two points difference. However, Leeton, by good play gained the ascendancy and the result was never in doubt. The outstanding players for Leeton were the Luhrs brothers, Roy Burt, Cliff Brown, Jack Curtis and J. Jennings. For Griffith: Bill Barry, Eddie Forrestal, and Hutchins brothers were outstanding.
LDFA Preliminary Final - Sunday, August 17, 1941 at Leeton Showground
Griffith ............. 0.1 .. 4.1 .. 6.2 .. 6.5 (41)
Narrandera .... 3.5 .. 3.8 .. 6.11 .. 7.13 (55)

Goals: Griffith: Reg Hutchins 2, L Crump 2, D Foley, B Briggs
Best players: Griffith: L Crump, Hutchins Bros., A Tyndall, R Besley, F Savage
Narrandera: Vic Woolnough, C Weygood, Leo Foley, Stan Day
Griffith: Fred Savage (capt.), Bob and Reg Hutchins, Bruce Briggs, Anthony and Kevin Tyndall, Dan Foley, Roy Wells, Neil Griggs, Syd Stevenson, Jim Collis, Jim Flood, Jim Flattley, Roy Besley, Bruce Dawes, Bill Barry, Jack Dedini, Lionel Crump; E. Thompson
Narrandera: Vic Woolnough (capt.), F. Whyte, Leo Foley. Cyril Weygood, Ken Brill, Stan Day, Blue Terry, Bob Dryburgh, John Whitty, Les Longmore, Mick Hutchinson, Tom Davis, Lloyd McQualter, Jim Durnan, Audley Hunt, Jim Cottle, Allan Hansell, Ross Jones; Julian Passlow
Umpire: Arthur Harding (Leeton)
Match report: Narrandera defeated Griffith at Leeton Showground on Sunday by 14 points. Griffith were unfortunate in there being at least six of its best players away at present. A strong wind prevailed for the quarters, but dropped much in the last quarter when Griffith would have had the advantage of that very considerable aid had it continued. Narrandera, winning the toss, elected to kick with a strong wind, and, taking full advantage of it, scored in the first quarter 3 goals 5 behinds (23 points) to one behind registered by Griffith. However, in the second quarter, Griffith, by good kicking, scored four to three behinds gained by Narrandera. The play was fairly even in the third quarter. Narrandera, again favoured by the breeze, scored 3 goals 2 behinds to Griffith's gain of 2 goals. With the leeway of nine points only in the last change over, the game looked like being in Griffith's favour. But the breeze dropping considerably, Narrandera were able to withstand Griffith's challenge and scored 1 goal 2 behinds to Griffith's addition of 3 behinds, thus running out winners by a margin of 1 goal 8 behinds. The outstanding player for Narrandera were Leo Foley whose marking and goal kicking were a treat to watch. And best for Griffith were Lionel Crump whose unorthodox style of drop kicking brought him under notice.

LDFA Grand Final - Sunday, August 24, 1941 at Narrandera Sportsground 
Leeton ........... 3.10 .. 5.10 .. 8.16 .. 8.16 (72)
Narrandera ... 2.0 .. 4.6 .. 5.15 .. 6.12 (48)

Goals: Leeton: E Wilson 2, E Luhrs 2, C Hopley, J Crouch, J Geltch, R Burt 
Narrandera: F Whyte 2, L Foley 2, A Hunt, R Robertson  
Leeton: Cec 'Scroggs' Hopley (capt.), Len Byrnes, Eddie Luhrs, Harold Lonnie, Joe Browne, Cliff Brown, Jack Geltch, Ron Luhrs, E. 'Pat' Wilson, Roy Burt, Paddy O'Connell, J R Lawson, Jack Curtis, Jack Crouch, G Prismall, Ritchie Younger, Allan McCormack, Jack Burt; T Sullivan
Narrandera: Vic Woolnough (capt.), H. "Blondie" Whyte, Cyril Weygood, Adley 'Chooda' Hunt, Blue Terry, Tom Davis, Mick Hutchinson, Leo Foley, Les Longmore, Bob Dryburgh, F.R. Robertson, Ross Jones, Jim Durnan, Ken Brill, Jim Cottle, John Whitty, Julian Passlow; Jack McNamee
Umpire: Arthur 'Curley' Harding.  Gate: £48/16/-.


R. 'Brickie' Bamford, Bill Barry, Roy Besley, Stan Bice, Bruce Briggs, Bill Collis, Jim Collis, Joe Collis, Andy Colliss, Lionel Crump, Pat Cummins, Bruce Dawes, John Dedini, Ronald Dobson, Jim C. Flattley, Jim Flood, Dan Foley, Eddie Forrestal, Martin Graham, Reg Graham, Roy Graham, Stan Green, Neil Griggs, Reg Hutchins, Bob Hutchins, Michael 'Leo' O'Dwyer, Joe Owen, Jim Parker, Dan Russell, Fred J. Savage, Syd Stevenson, E. Thompson, B. Turner, Anthony 'Joe' Tyndall, Cecil Tyndall, Colin Tyndall, Kevin Tyndall, Roy 'Jack' Wells.


Debuts: Stan Bice, Bill Collis, Joe Collis, John Dedini, Ronald Dobson, Jim Flood, Dan Foley, Neil Griggs, Michael 'Leo' O'Dwyer, Joe Owen, E. Thompson, B. Turner, Anthony 'Joe' Tyndall, Cecil Tyndall, Colin Tyndall, Kevin Tyndall 
Final Games: R. 'Brickie' Bamford, Bill Barry, Roy Besley, Stan Bice, Bruce Briggs, Bill Collis, Joe Collis, Andy Colliss, Pat Cummins, Bruce Dawes, Ronald Dobson, Jim C. Flattley, Dan Foley, Stan Green, Reg Hutchins, Michael 'Leo' O'Dwyer, Joe Owen, Dan Russell, Syd Stevenson, E. Thompson, B. Turner, Anthony 'Joe' Tyndall, Cecil Tyndall, Colin Tyndall, Kevin Tyndall.

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