SWDFL Round 1 -  Sunday April 27, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ..... 3.3 .. 6.3 .. 6.5 .. 10.9 (69)
Whitton .... 1.5 .. 4.10 .. 9.12 ..  11.13 (79)
Goals: Griffith: J Taylor 4, D Kelly 3, S West 2, D O'Callaghan 
Best: Griffith: G Willis, F Clarke, F Savage, V Carroll, D O'Callaghan, D Kelly
Umpire: Len Byrnes (Leeton)
Match report: Griffith greatly strengthened by their new coach, Geoff Willis, formally half back for North Melbourne, went on the field in high hopes  of scoring a victory in their first match. However they were beaten by Whitton who put in a great spurt in the third quarter. Playing in a new position centre, the Griffith coach was found to be a little slow in turning round and gave away quite a number of free kicks for holding the ball. But once Willis got moving in the one direction there was no stopping him.


SWDFL Round 2 - Sunday May 4, 1947 at Grong Grong Oval
Grong Grong .... 0.1 .. 1.3 ..  2.3 .. 2.3 (15)
Griffith .............. 2.3 .. 4.6 .. 9.7 .. 10.10 (70)
Goals: Griffith: J Taylor 5, F Clarke 3, A Broad, B Higgins, N Hutton
Best: Griffith: G Willis, A Broad, F Savage, J Taylor, B Higgins

SWDFL Round 3 - Sunday May 11, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ............ 4.1 .. 6.5 .. 8. 10 .. 11.11 (77)
Coolamon .....  3.5 .. 5.8 .. 5.12 .. 9.17 (71)
Goals: Griffith: B Higgins 3, D O'Callaghan 3, J Taylor 2, H McLean 2, A Broad
Best: Griffith: B Clarke, G Willis, D O'Callaghan, J Taylor, W Jones, N Hutton
Umpire: A Harding (Leeton)
Curtain-raiser: 'Old Buffers' 34 d Griffith Reserves 13

SWDFL Round 4 - Sunday May 18, 1947 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera ..... 4.6 ..10.8 .. - .. 13.21 (99)
Griffith ............. 2.1 .. 3.5 .. - .. 6.8 (44)
Goals: Griffith: F Wood 3, G Willis, C Lane, R Hutchins
Best: Griffith: B Clarke, D Kelly, F Savage, S West, L Charles, F Clarke

SWDFL Round 5 - Sunday May 25, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ........ 3.1 .. 6.8 .. 8.12 .. 11.12 (78)
Leeton .......  1.3 .. 4.7 .. 7.9 .. 9.11 (65)
Goals: Griffith: D Kelly 3, J Taylor 2, F Burns 2, C Lane, F Wood, B Higgins, F Clarke
Best: Griffith: G Willis, C Lane, W Jones, D Kelly
Umpire: Len Byrnes (Leeton)
Reserves LDFL (Sun): Griffith 40 d Leeton 7

SWDFL Round 6 - Sunday June 1, 1947 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Whitton ..... 2.3 .. 4.5 .. 7.7 ..  9.9 (63)
Griffith ...... 4.2 .. 8.5 .. 10.7 ..10.9 (69)
Goals: Griffith: J Taylor 3, B Higgins 3, J Shrives 2, F Clarke, D Kelly
Best: Griffith: F Clarke, G Willis, B Higgins, H McLean, M Graham, E Forrestal
Umpire: A Harding (Leeton)
Reserves LDFL (Sat): Darlington Point 70 d Griffith 64 

Darlington Point Knock Out - Saturday June 7, 1947
Hay No. 1 d Griffith Reserves by 9 points, Darlington Point d Hay No. 2 by 40 points.
Final: Hay No. 1 d Darlington Point by 14 points.


SWDFL Round 7 - Sunday June 8, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ................ 5.5 .. 12.12 .. 16.19 .. 22.24 (156)
Grong Grong ..... 1.3 .. 1.7 .. 1.8 .. 1.10 (16)
Goals: Griffith: C Lane 7, J Meehan 5, J Taylor 4, T Wood 4, L Charles, R Hutchins
Best: Griffith: C Lane , G Willis, M Graham, R Hutchins, J Taylor, T Wood
Umpire: J Mulquinney (Wagga)

Narrandera Knock Out Carnival - Monday June 16, 1947
Barellan District d Leeton, Methul d Darlington Point, Whitton d Sydney, Griffith 40 d Junee 16, Narrandera d Ainslie, Beckom  17 d Coolamon 13
Semi-finals: Barellan District d Methul, Whitton 19 d Griffith 12, Narrandera d Beckom 
Final: Barellan District 21 d Whitton 9. Grand Final: Narrandera 44 d Barellan District 8.   Prize money: £50, £15, £5, £5

SWDFL Round 8 - Sunday June 22, 1947 at Kindra Park 
Coolamon ......  6.11 (47)
Griffith ............. 6.12 (48)
Goals: Griffith: J Taylor 2, T Wood 2, R Hutchins, C Lane
Best: Coolamon: F Williamson, Ron, Jack and Eddie English
Griffith: F Clarke, W Jones, G Willis, R Hutchins, B Clarke, N Tyndall (debut)

SWDFL Round 9 - Sunday June 29, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Griffith .............. 5.2 (32)
Narrandera .... 17.11 (113)
Reserves LDFL R1 (Sun): Griffith 44 def Darlington Point 19

SWDFL Round 10 - Sunday July 6, 1947 at Leeton Showground
Leeton ....... 0.2 .. 3.3 .. 4.5 .. 8.6 (54)
Griffith ...... 2.5 .. 2.6 .. 5.9 .. 5.9 (39)
Goals: Griffith: G Willis 3, F Clarke 2
Best: Griffith: F Clarke, F Savage, G Willis, J Taylor
Leeton: Paddy O'Connell (capt.), Jack Crouch, Maurie Harrison, Eddie Luhrs, Arch Lawson, K Harrington, Keith Luhrs, Jack Schier, Jim  Kelly, Richie Younger,  Cliff Brown, M Schlodder, Stan Thompson, Bill  Pleming, C Dunn, Jack Curtis, K Taylor, Jack Breed, Des Lynch
Griffith: Geoff Willis (c-c), Terry Wood, Fred Clarke, Vic Carroll, Bob Hutchins, Jack Taylor, Eddie Forrestal, Jack Shrives, Brian Higgins, Leo Charles, Bill Jones, Marty Graham, Noel Tyndall, Fred Savage, Len Slattery, Denny O'Callaghan, Hugh McLean; Frank Burns, Stan West 
Reserves LDFL R2 (Sun): Leeton 0 lost to Griffith 37 

SWDFL Round 11 - Sunday July 13, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ....... 4.3 .. 4.5 .. 7.9 .. 7.11 (53)
Whitton ..... 0.1 .. 2.8 .. 4.9 ..  8.18 (66)
Goals: Griffith: L Crump, J Taylor, C Lane, B Higgins, L Charles, D O'Callaghan, H McLean
Best: Griffith: F Clarke, F Savage, G Willis, L Crump, K Tyndall, L Charles
Reserves LDFL R3 (Sat): Whitton 2.4 (16) lost to Griffith 13.15 (93)

SWDFL Round 12 - Sunday July 20, 1947 at Grong Grong Oval
Grong Grong  ......  8.10 (58)
Griffith .................. 18.13 (121)
Goals: Griffith: C Lane 9, P Withers 2, B Higgins 2, B Clarke 2, F Clarke 2, D O'Callaghan    
Best: Griffith: C Lane, B Clarke, F Clarke
Reserves LDFL R4 (Sat): Darlington Point 31 lost to Griffith 38

SWDFL Round 13 - Sunday July 27, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ............ 2.4 .. 5.7  10.10 .. 13.18 (96)
Coolamon ...... 2.1 .. 7.7 .. 7.7 .. 8.11 (59)
Goals: Griffith: C Lane 3, P Withers 3, L Crump 2, B Higgins 2, D O'Callaghan, F Clarke, G Willis
Best: Griffith: G Willis, J Taylor, F Clarke, J Shrives, F Savage, P Withers
Schoolboys: Barellan 41 def Griffith 0
Reserves LDFL R5 (Sat): Griffith 65 def Leeton 45 

Exhibition Match - Saturday August 2, 1947 at Narrandera Sportsground
S.W.D.F.L. ... 1.3 .. 4.9 .. 5.9 .. 9.14 (68)
Subiaco .......  2.5 .. 7.10 .. 7.16 .. 8.19 (67)
Goals: Subiaco: Williams 5, Hickey, Lindsay, W Orr
Best: Subiaco: Willams, Jeavons, Ryan, Hickey, Hawtin, Kinsman, Anderson

Exhibition Match - Sunday August 3, 1947 at Bolton Park, Wagga
Subiaco ... 5.3 .. 7.10 .. 11.14 .. 13.17 (95)
Wagga ..... 1.2 .. 4.3 .. 7.7 .. 11.7 (73)
Goals: Subiaco: Orr 4, Hawtin 4, Willams 3, Preston, Exell
Best: Subiaco: Wally Orr, Exell, Howe, Searle, Bennett

SWDFL Round 14 - Sunday August 3, 1947 at Narrandera Sportsground
Narrandera ..... 2.1 .. 3.2 .. 6.4 .. 9.4 (58)
Griffith .............. 2.1 .. 4.3 .. 5.6 .. 7.9 (51)
Goals: Griffith: C Lane 4, G Willis, R Hutchins, L Crump
Best: Griffith: E Forrestal, G Willis

Exhibition Match - Wed Aug 5, 1947 at Temora
Nth Riverina .. 3.15 .. 5.21 ..  - .. 12.28 (100)
Subiaco .......... 2.1 .. 6.2 ..  - ..  13.8 (86)
Best: Subiaco: Orr, Hopkinson, Jeavons, Bennett, Exell

Ariah Park Knock Out Carnival - Saturday August 9, 1947
R1: Ganmain (1) 46 v Ariah Park 3, Ariah Park (2) 53 v Temora 1, Ariah Park (1) 14 v Rannock 10, Wagga 34 v Binya 29, Tullibigeal 41 v Ganmain (2) 2, Leeton 37 v Ungarie 7, Ganmain (1) 61 v Wagga 12, Ariah (1) 35 v Lake Cargelligo 15, Leeton 28 v Tullibigeal 14
S-F: Ganmain (1) 53 v Ariah Park (2) 2, Leeton 29 v Ariah Park (1) 28
Final: Ganmain 3.5 (23) d Leeton 2.3 (15).    Crowd: 1800   Prize money: £70 

SWDFL Round 15 - Sunday August 10, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Griffith ..,. 10.8 .. 17.10 .. 25.13 .. 31.17 (203)
Leeton ..... 0.0 ..  0.1 .. 0.6 .. 3.8 (26)
Goals: Griffith: R Hutchins 5, B Higgins 4, C Lane 4, D O'Callaghan 3, L Crump 3, B Clarke 3, H McLean 3, G Willis 2, J Taylor
Reserves LDFL R6 (Sat): Griffith 103 def Whitton 33

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) First Semi Final - Saturday August 16, 1947 at Leeton Showground 
Leeton 84 d Whitton 14 

SWDFL First Semi Final - Sunday August 17, 1947 at Leeton Showground 
Whitton ........ 3.3 .. 4.3 .. 5.6 .. 7.6 (48)
Coolamon ... 2.3 .. 5.6 .. 7.8 .. 8.10 (58)
Best: Whitton: W Painting, E Thompson, J Tucker, C Turner
Coolamon: J Hallahan, T Maloney, A Williamson, A Dedini
Whitton: Ted Thompson (capt.), Doug Thompson, Lew Thompson, Jeff Thompson, 'Jazbo' Thompson, Ossie DeMamiel, Jack Tucker, Mick McAliece, Fred Wheatley, Rube Gladman, Charlie Turner, J Weaven, Bill Painting, T Ross, C Woolnough, Perc Weaven, Les Thompson, E Gladman, Ken Painting
Coolamon: Jim Hallahan (capt.), Albert Williamson, Frank Williamson, Tom Maloney, Bernie Bartholomew, P Leary, Les Gould, Bernie English, Jack English, Erroll Boothey, Bob Heir, Adrian Dedini, Mick Curtis, Snow Irvine, Berhard Schultz, Ron English, Dudley Smith, Vince English; M Iverach, Keith Crocker
Crowd: 900  Gate: £100/-/

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Second Semi Final - Saturday August 23, 1947 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Griffith 52 def Darlington Point 42

SWDFL Second Semi Final - Sunday August 24, 1947 at Griffith Showground
Narrandera ... 4.2 .. 6.4 .. 8.8 .. 13.13 (91)
Griffith ............ 0.7 .. 1.9 .. 3.11 .. 3.14 (32)
Best: Narrandera: Leo Foley (6 goals), Jack Sargent, Bob Dryburgh
Griffith: Terry Wood, Lionel Crump, Geoff Willis, Bob Hutchins, Ben Clarke, Bill Jones
Umpire: Peter Watt (VFL)

Leeton Knock Out Carnival -  Sunday August 31, 1947 at Leeton
R1: Leeton 51 d Binya 8, Whitton 60 d Darlington Point 0, Griffith 24 d Ariah Park 17, Yarrowonga d Beckom (walkover), Coolamon 33 d Narrandera 25, Ganmain 45 d Ungarie 8, Junee 50 d Hay 6.
R2: Leeton 38 d Coolamon 11, Yarrowonga 52 d Griffith 8, Ganmain 21 d Whitton 12, Tullibigeal 57 d Junne 20
S-F: Leeton 27 d Yarrowonga 9, Ganmain 15 d Tullibigeal 13
Final: Ganmain 3.6 (24) d Leeton 1.4 (10)   Crowd: 3500 

LDFL (Kinlock Cup)
Preliminary Final - Saturday September 6, 1947 at Whitton Recreation Ground

Darlington Point def Leeton


SWDFL Preliminary Final - Sunday September 7, 1947 at Narrandera Sportsground
Griffith .......... 3.3 .. 5.5 .. 8.8 .. 8.9 (57)
Coolamon .... 1.0 .. 5.8 .. 5.10 .. 8.11 (59)
Goals: Griffith: Clive Lane 3, Mil Clarke 3, Terry Wood, Geoff Willis
Coolamon: n/a
Best: Griffith: Geoff Willis, Jack Taylor, Fred Clarke, Terry Wood, Marty Graham
Coolamon: Bernie English, Vince English, Albert Williamson, Frank Williamson, Tom Maloney, Dudley Smith
Griffith: Geoff Willis (capt.), Ben Clarke, Fred Clarke, Vic Carroll, Bob Hutchins, Jack Taylor, Eddie Forrestal, Marty Graham, Clive Lane, Bill Jones, Jack Shrives, Terry Wood, Fred Savage, George Wade, Denny O'Callaghan, Hugh McLean, Mil Clarke, Frank Wood
Coolamon: M. Iverach, Albert Williamson, Frank Williamson, Tom Maloney, Bernie Bartholomew, Pat Leary, Les Gould, Bernie English, Jack English, Erroll Boothey, Bob Heir, Adrian Dedini, Mick Curtis, Snow Irvine, Berhard Schultz, Ron English, Dudley Smith, Vince English; Keith Crocker, John Traynor
Umpire: McLennan (VFL)

Reserves LDFL (Kinlock Cup) Grand Final - Saturday September 13, 1947 at Whitton Recreation Ground
Griffith ..................... 0.0 .. 1.3 .. 1.9 .. 5.12 (42)
Darlington Point ... 3.1 .. 3.1 .. 5.4 .. 6.5 (41)
Best: Griffith: T Wood (4 goals), S West, F Owen
Darlington Point: J Clayton (15 years old)
Griffith: George 'Pouncer' Wade (capt.), Joe Hunt, Maurie and Kevin O'Dwyer, Stan West, Claude Wade, Bernell 'Tige' Parslow, Terry and Frank Wood, Kevin and Noel Tyndall, Leo Charles, Pat Withers, Neil Griggs, Vern Evans, Fred Owen, Gus Forrestal, Frank Burns; Des and John O'Dwyer, Barry Wood. Coach: Geoff Willis. 
Darlington Point News report: The Darlington Point team was greatly disappointed to find at the close of the game on Saturday last that the decision was against it by one point. Players say that it was one of the most solidly contested games of the season, both sides extending themselves to the utmost limit to secure a win.
But the apparent defeat is somewhat lessened by the knowledge that possibly a mistake was made by one of the official scorers, an extra point being recorded for a second kick at the goal after the umpire had disallowed the first. 
That, however is a matter that will be thrashed out by the judiciary committee which has been called together for a mid-week meeting to decide the validity of the scores. Whether another match will result depends entirely upon that committee's decision. 
Enthusiastic supporters of the team made the trip to Whitton where the match was played, and the consensus of opinion verifies the opening observations that one of the best games of the season was witnessed. 
A topic of general comment was the outstanding display given by Jim Clayton, of Darlington Point, who despite a physical handicap which must have made play an agony for him, put up a splendid performance. It was due, in a large measure, to the excellence of his play that the win was by such a narrow margin. 
The Darlington Point team has done remarkably well during the season, and to secure a place in the deciding match of the competition speaks volumes for the local football talent.
Should the judiciary committee decide that a play-off match will clear the air of the uncertainty of the decision in last Saturday's match, a grand final game the like of which has not been seen should result. 

SWDFL Grand Final - Sunday September 14, 1947 at Kindra Park
Narrandera ... 3.1 .. 8.10 .. 9.11 .. 11.16 (82)
Coolamon ...... 3.1 .. 3.2 .. 5.7 ..  6.10 (46)
Goals: Narrandera: J McNamee 4, R Dryburgh 2, Jim Durnan, R Jones, N Hinchcliffe, L Foley
Coolamon: A Dedini 2, F Williamson 2, E Boothey, L Gould
Best: Narrandera: R Drysburgh, J Talbot, N Hinchcliffe, L Longmore, J McNamee, L Foley
Coolamon: D Smith, T Maloney, F Williamson, J Traynor, B, R and V English
Narrandera: Jim McCallum (capt), Nev Hinchcliffe, Jack Duncan, Les Longmore, Max Morrison, E. 'Banjo' Currey, Stan Day, Henry 'Blue' Turner, Cliff Hazelman, Pat Seymour, Jim Talbot, Jack Sargent, Jack McNamee, Frank English, Jim Durnan, Bob Dryburgh, Ross Jones, Leo Foley; Ted Hardie     
Coolamon: Frank Williamson (capt), M Iverach, Albert Williamson, Tom Maloney, Bernie Bartholomew, Pat Leary, Les Gould, Bernie English, Jack English, Erroll Boothey, Bob Heir, Adrian Dedini, Mick Curtis, Snow Irvine, Berhard Schultz, Ron English, Dudley Smith, Vince English; Keith Crocker, J Traynor
Umpire: F H Grant (VFL)

Alex Broad, Frank Burns, Col. Cameron, Viv Carroll, Leo Charles, Ben Clarke, Fred Clarke, Mil Clarke, Lionel Crump, Eddie Forrestal, Martin Graham, Brian Higgins, Robert Hutchins, N. Hutton, Bill Jones, Don Kelly, Jim Keogh, Clive Lane, Hugh McLean, Jack Meehan, Kevin O'Dwyer, Bernell Parslow, Jack Shrives, Len Slattery, Jack Taylor, Kevin J. Tyndall, Denny O'Callaghan, Fred Savage, Kevin J. Tyndall, Noel Tyndall, Claude Wade, George Wade, Ralph "Stan" West, Geoff Willis, Pat Withers, Frank Wood, Terry Wood. 

Frank Burns, N. Hutton, Don Kelly, Jim Keogh, Clive Lane, Jack Meehan, Kevin O'Dwyer, Jack Shrives, Len Slattery, Jack Taylor, Kevin J. Tyndall, Noel Tyndall, Geoff Willis, Frank Wood. 
Final Games: Col. Cameron, Eddie Forrestal, Don Kelly, Jim Keogh, Hugh McLean, Jack Meehan, Kevin O'Dwyer, Len Slattery, Claude Wade, Pat Withers.

Pat Armour, Bill Black, S. Bogie, W. Colutti, Terry Crump, Bill Day, Norm Dwyer, Vern Evans, Gus Forrestal, Gaynor, Charlie Graham, Neil Griggs, Max Holden, Joe Hunt, Col Kelleher, Jack Kelleher, George Mackenzie, Roy Mackenzie, Dave McRae, Murdock McRae, John Norton, Des, John and Maurie O'Dwyer, Fred Owen, Robert Shrives, Jack Tyndall, Jim Wells, Reg Wells.


A smoko social was held in the Palais de Danse supper room on Wednesday night, to mark the close of a successful financial season, present trophies to the best and fairest players, and farewell the popular playing coach, Geoff Willis.

In his opening address, club president Mr Jack Muir, referred to the increased popularity of the Australian Rules code in this district and congratulated the first and reserve grade teams on their performance throughout the year. He said that financially, it was a most successful year for the club, which had started the year with only 5 pound in the bank but had spent over £500 during the year, and now had a credit of £100. He said that this was a success due to the efforts of the committee, the secretary Pat Withers, assistant secretary Roy Riley, and Messrs., Frank and Len Polkinghorne. Mr Jack Wood supported the remarks of Mr Muir.

A toast to the Griffith Australian Rules Football Club was then proposed by Mr Frank Polkinghorne. In replying to this toast, Mr Brian Whelan commented on the remarkable improvements shown during the year by the Griffith team, which, he said, was unimpressive in early matches but later acquitted itself extremely well. He promised that next year he would donate a score board to the club.

Presentation of Kinlock Cup

Mr Muir then referred to the performance of the reserve grade team, which had entered the Leeton District Football League and had been undefeated in competition matches, eventually winning the Kinlock Cup. He called on Mr Len Polkinghorne to present the Cup to the captain of the team, George 'Pouncer' Wade, who suitably acknowledged the presentation.

Farewell to Willis

In farewelling the playing-coach Geoff Willis, Mr Muir referred to his outstanding work as a coach and organiser. He had moulded both first and reserve grade teams from raw recruits, and at all times co-operated with the committee. The club hoped that he would return and coach Griffith again next season. As a token of the club's appreciation, Mr Willis was presented with a handsome clock and a cheque.

Speakers who supported Mr Muir were Messrs., Ben Clarke, Cec Roach, Brian Whelan, Jack Wood, Peter Parslow, George Mackenzie, Frank Polkinghorne, Reg McNamara, Bob Hutchins, Joe Casserly, Fred Clarke, Eddie Forrestal, J Sharpe, Leo Charles and Ted Thompson (captain of the Whitton team).

In reply Mr Willis thanked all members of the committee, particularly Mr Pat Withers, for their support and players for their co-operation. He later stated that he hoped he would be back in Griffith next year to coach the Griffith teams.

Best and Fairest Players

The Cup donated by Messrs., Reg and Wattie McNamara for the best and fairest player throughout the year was then presented by Mr Reg McNamara to the winner Fred Clarke. It was explained that the winner had been chosen by the players themselves, who, at the end of each match had placed the name of the person they considered as the best and fairest in a sealed envelope, which was not opened until the end of the season. The contest was close, Fred Clarke only beating Clive Lane and Ben Clarke by a narrow margin.

The Cup for the best and fairest player in the reserve grade, which had been donated by Mr Brian Whelan, was then presented to the winner, Frank Wood by Mr Frank Polkinghorne, who explained that, again, the voting had been close, Frank Wood scoring 21, while Terry Wood and Stan West each scored 20.

Most Improved Player

The trophy for the most improved player in the club was donated by Cec Roach, and won by Terry Wood, who had been selected by the coach, vice-captain and selection committee.

Surprise presentations were then made to the secretary Mr Pat Withers, and assistant secretary Mr Roy Riley, as a token of the club's appreciation of the valuable services rendered by these officials. Speakers also referred with appreciation to the support and work of Mrs Withers.

The Area News, Friday, September 19, 1947