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Griffith and Ariah Park Played a Draw

Sensations in Rules Match


Sensation followed sensation at Griffith Showground on Sunday when Ariah Park-Mirrool and Griffith played a draw in South-West Australian football.

Final scores: Griffith 9.19 - 73, Ariah Park-Mirrool 11.7 - 73.

Griffith needing victory to hold fourth position on the ladder, again booted themselves out of full match points.

No team should lose after having ten more shots at goal than their opponents.

It is to the credit of Ariah Park that they were able to produce good football to hold a draw.

Three incidents in the match provided the unusual crowd scenes after the final siren.

With the bell about to ring to end play and Ariah Park leading by a point, a ball up in front of the Griffith goal found Griffith ruckman Jack Kloot gaining possession to boot the ball through the Griffith goal mouth.

However, only one flag was raised by goal umpire, as Kloot's kick had been touched by fullback Bernie Pleming, but to the watching crowd, it appeared as a Griffith major.

The second incident also took place in the hectic final term.

Ruckman Bob Carroll from penalty sent a long kick down towards the Griffith scoring zone.

The ball went through the behind post but no flag was raised, as Carroll was heavily met after delivering the ball and umpire Kevin Pawley declared Carroll to received a further penalty.

Carroll's second kick recorded a major, to put Griffith four points up at that stage.

Many claim the first point should have been allowed.

But this is not so, as umpire Pawley did not indicate all clear to the goal umpire, therefore no score was recorded.

This is provided for in the rules, and the umpire's decision is a correct one.

The third incident that centred the demonstrations by the eager crowd was, with the scoreboard showing a draw, both goal umpires held different score cards.

One showed the game a draw, the other with Ariah Park winning by a point.

Discussions between the goal umpires and central umpire Pawley finally showed the correct result as a draw.

The game at times showed high standard football, despite the miserable weather.

Both showed courage and a willingness to win.

The soft ground conditions robbed the play of much speed but the good crowd was treated to good football entertainment, climaxed by the exciting finish and the resultant boisterous discussion after the final bell.

Griffith undoubtedly lacked the luck to secure the winning break.

Their forwards division had enough opportunities to seal the game.

But too many shots went wide, to find them most times trailing.

Ariah Park led by 22 points on the first change and seven points at half-way.

They held a four points break at the final crossover, all achieved through greater accuracy against Griffith's many near-misses.

Griffith rover Bill Tyndall was easily the best player afield.

He received good support from Vic Hathaway in the centre and Don Best, Allan Smith and John Anderson in defence with Don Bitcon showing a good return to football with a bright display in the first half.

For Ariah Park, Bob Lewis and Tom Preston proved a good ruck rover combination, with full forward Neville Breust also doing well, as did fullback Bernie Pleming and ruckman Pat Quade.

Ariah Park lost captain Jack Hudson at half-time due to injury, with Griffith captain Don Keyter unavailable due to suspension, as were Bob Spears and Bob Tyndall (injured).

Griffith in drawing, dropped from fourth to fifth position.

The Area News - Tuesday, July 5, 1960

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