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 1962 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 1, 1962 - No. 11

By Neil Griggs: An "easy" game at Whitton - that's what everyone thought, but if they could have seen the worried Griffith expressions at three-quarter time, they would know that no game - especially the local "derby" - is easy in "Tiger" country.

Fortunately, our fellows were able to turn it on in the last quarter and, by outscoring Whitton 35-3, won by 10 points, but what a strain on their fans.

Ruckman Bill Biron, a good player all day, staged a Bernborough finish to nudge out a couple of strong challengers for Ron Dalla's shirt. Bill took the mark of the day in the time on period in the goal square with Griffith still two points down, but the ump said no. With five goals, however, Bill was top goal scorer for the game.

Another classic from Bill Tyndall and, week-in, week-out, he must be one of the best rovers in the competition.

SWDFL rep player Allan Hudson, with the N.S.W. boxing championship coming up, acted as 19th man at Whitton, and after prowling along like a caged lion for three quarters ran on to set the pace for Griffith's final rally.

Our seconds also had a harder game than expected, but still won well. Best were Frank Knox (Ted Withnell's shirt), Col Pannan, Jack Kloot and Denny Dreyer.   

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