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 1961 SEASON 
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SWANS CLUB NOTES: The Aussie Ruler July 2, 1961 - No 12.

No kudos to Coolamon for their forfeit in the Seconds game last Sunday. The bus breakdown was no excuse for, after the bus arrived, they could only muster 12 players. Griffith lost valuable percentage points which could deprive them of one of the double chances positions in the finals.

Vic Hathaway was outstanding in the loose man game. He played on well to rate as our best player. Another Gammage Medal for Vic will be no surprise to Griffith fans.

Challenging Vic for the top ranking against Coolamon was John Bortolazzo. Since coming up from the Seconds earlier in the season, Borto has shown good form and completely dominated the wing position last Sunday.

Umpire John Gambetta - a beauty! Particularly pleasing to see him very severe on one of the invidious aspects creeping into the game - unnecessary attention to the player after he disposed of the ball.

Unconcerned by his relegation to the Seconds, Doug Koehler was one of the first to arrive for the game that didn't eventuate. Eager to recover form, Doug put plenty into the practice game that was arranged, and should soon be back in the Firsts.

Guess who struck the jackpot and double last weekend? Club president, Dick Bitcon, and he was saving his luck up for the final jackpot.

Bill Tyndall and Kevin Rowston missed the Coolamon game to get treatment at Shepparton. Bill will be fit for next Sunday, but Kevin needs further treatment.

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