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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 2, 1964 - No. 14 

By Neil Griggs: After two previous successive losses, there were a lot of locals who thought our win at Ariah Park was a "fluke". The "doubting Thomases" had their answer, however, when we downed Ganmain by a convincing 31 points.

Ian Crewes was top scorer for the game with 6 goals; Tom Carroll had to work hard for his three.

There was no best players for Griffith - it was a real team effort.

Point scorers in the Ron Dalla-Daroff suit award were Don Best 6, Vic Hathaway 5, John Foley 2, Bob Carroll 2, Les Collis 1, Bill Biron 1.

After the performance against Ganmain it seems the team has a good chance of winning the 20 Hickock men's jewellery sets, Mr Dalla offered to present to the team if Griffith wins the premiership.

It was a real tonic to see the determination and will-to-win that gained our seconds a long overdue win. Ganmain stopped a hat-trick by winning the thirds.

Griffith cheer squads turned up last Sunday complete with banners, streamers, etc., and this grand moral support was greatly appreciated by the players.

Today we have our longest trip - to Turvey Park. Hope we see what Gissing Oval looks like when it is dry.

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