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 1970 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 3, 1970 - No. 4 

By Swan: Surprising to notice the name Lewin missing from Narrandera's best players last Sunday. 48 free kicks to 16 against us and we still won. Well done fellows.

Congratulations to John Candusso and Frank Conlan for really great efforts, don't know what would happen to us if we didn't have a great back line. Incidentally, didn't Phillip Smith burn when shifted to full back for the last half.

What a pity Sharpie isn't a couple of stone heavier. Five goals each for the last three matches, not a bad effort. We surely could use him in the Firsts with a bit more weight.

Reports indicate that we might have Bill Biron, John Foley and Mal Brauman back in the team within a short while, we need these blokes like a mad dog needs shooting, so let's hope the yarns are correct for once.

A big Cheerio to our overworked Secretary, Neil Griggs, who has spent the last week or so in hospital. Everyone connected with the local club sure hopes to see you up and around before too long. I am sure our committee did not realise just how much work Neil actually has done until they've had to fine someone else.

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Match report: GRIFFITH vs GANMAIN

An unfaltering Griffith defence, spearheaded by ever reliable Sid Robins, was the cornerstone of Griffith's good win over Ganmain at the Griffith Ex-Serviceman's Oval. The Swans won the match 11.14 (80) to 5.11 (41).

Ganmain looked dangerous in only one part of the match, the first quarter when, with the wind advantage, they seemed intent on building a big score.

Sid Robins played a tremendous game, taking mark after mark, and was ably assisted by Frank Conlan, who ran also at will at times, and Bob Little, who took over the fullback berth to give a great exhibition.

Bill Biron made an auspicious return to the Griffith side, and although his kicking was astray, Ganmain could find no counter for him.

Two of the most impressive performances of the day came from young rover John Candusso and half-forward flanker Bob Prenzel. Candusso was rarely beaten all day, and towards the end of the game, seemed so exhausted that his kicking became little better than atrocious.

Griffith started the match on the wrong foot when star centreman Bruce Forbes was injured only minutes after the opening. Forbes played on till three quarter time, but then left the field.

In the third quarter, Frank Gumbleton, playing for Ganmain on permit from North Melbourne, kicked his only goal.

In the last quarter Griffith coach Doug Prior scored the goal of the match with a tremendous punt from the half-forward flank. The ball was still high in the air when it went over the heads of defenders waiting in the mouth of goal.

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