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 1971 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 4, 1971 - No. 12 

By Swan: Our 105 points win over Ariah Park-Mirrool last week moved us up into third place and gave our percentage a worthwhile boost which in the current "rat race" for the four could prove valuable.

The Seconds, despite some urging by our supporters, couldn't quite make 200 points, finishing with 193 and a winning margin of 171. They are playing well but their big test will come today.

Weekly awards on Sunday were Firsts (Co-op Stores' Toby Lee award) Sid Robins from Bruce Forbes, Gary Owen, "Skeeta" Milne; Seconds (Bob Carroll award) Terry Higgins from Noel Evans, Chris Sharpe, Ray Smith and Geoff Martin.

After four trips to Wagga with the Griffith Police Boys' Club boxers for one fight, Geoff Martin reckons there is no future in boxing so has returned. He did well against the Bombers and will keep some of the First graders on their toes.

At the start of the season, after beating AP-M by 107 points, we went down to Turvey Park by 109. With our improvement and their decline, we are pretty confident there will be no repeat of history today.

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