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 1963 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 4, 1963 - No. 15

By Neil Griggs: Ardlethan proved just a little too strong in our last competition game, so our losing sequence remains unbroken. It was some consolation, however, to win the second 18 game, as the win gives our team still hope of making the finals. Shirt winners at Ardlethan were Mick Newman, with a grand performance, and John Schmetzer, whose vigorous non-stop football surely indicates he will be a first grader next year.

It seems as if the old timers are serious about their proposed game against our third 18 on Friday, 18th August, for quite a few have been training, and the demand for ligament oil has increased considerably.

From last Saturday's results, it appears as if Griffith's only football honours this year could possible come from the schoolboys. The three coaches, Len Sexton (12's), Gordon Brennan (14's) and John Walsh (16's, and chief coach for lectures, etc.), are very pleased and proud of their boys and expect them to do well in the finals.

It didn't take long for the South West reputation to be tarnished. On the day, Farrer were worthy winners.

Still, SWDFL won the schoolboys' fixture, so perhaps that gives us some hope of the future.   

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