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 1965 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" September 5, 1965 - No. 19 

Sunday's game gave at least one win over every team in the competition, but there was little kudos gained in defeating such uninterested and poorly supported opposition.

John Foley and Len Sexton were the stars of the game, although Mick Newman, on the wing, also went extra well and won Ron Dalla's Whitmont shirt.

Showing a lot more enthusiasm than Turvey Park, our seconds finished the season with a 19-point win, after a bright and interesting game. John Kirkwood turned in a brilliant exhibition to win Ted Withnell's trophy whilst others to go well were Allan Norton-Baker, Ray Smith, John Higgins and Les Hodson.

Turvey Park forfeited the 3rd XV11 game, which was a big disappointment to our keen young players.

Congratulations to Peter Weidemann and Ken Sheather on their splendid achievements in winning the Gammage and Lanham Medals. The Coolamon Club must be justly proud of these two players.

To the clubs which have finished their season we say better luck next year, while we wish the teams in the finals the best of luck.

Today we welcome you to Griffith, and hope you have an enjoyable and interesting day.

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