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 1967 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 6, 1967 - No. 16 

Leeton made it two out of two last Sunday, but our performance, ragged as it was, gave hope for the future and, we feel, if we meet the Redlegs in the grand final that we may win that long overdue pennant.

There was little doubt, however, that on the day Leeton were the better team and in view of their shaggy effort Griffith didn't deserve to win.

Roger Thom, who never fails to turn in a 100 per cent effort, rated as our best and took the three points in the Griffith Co-op-Ernst Hillier suit award, with John Scott's lively game gaining him two points and consistent defender Bob Prenzel getting one.

Don Best and the Second 18 continues to go from strength to strength and recorded a crushing win over the Redlegs.

After a lot of experimenting someone finally woke up to the fact that Phillip Smith was a goal-kicker and his nine goals against Leeton certainly justified the move.

Our Thirds and Leeton staged a very even game and in an exciting finish the result was a draw - 31 points each. Best in our team, with everyone trying hard, were David Forrester, Wayne Robins, Garry Gardiner and Mervyn Brill.

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