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 1963 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" September 8, 1963 - No. 20

By Neil Griggs: What a year it has been for draws - four in the 1st 18 competition during the season, and now one in the 2nd 18 semi-final.

This semi was a grand game, and either team would have been unlucky to lose.

There is no need to elaborate about Jim Eley being one of the best players - he stood out like "Knobby's Lighthouse".

Another one today, please, Jim. Once he settled down, Doug Koehler infused plenty of drive into our attack and we expect a lot of him at Matong.

We had a couple of casualties last Sunday in Ken Stevenson and Jim Fielder. "Ripper" had a badly gashed hand (10 stitches), and will be an onlooker today, but "Big Jim", following his collapse after the game, appeared OK after his return home.

With a two-hour trip; a 10 o'clock start for Sunday's re-play, we are concerned that some of our players could still be somnolent.

The 1st 18 game was a disappointment (not to Turvey Park supporters, perhaps), and we hope for a much keener contest today. It could eventuate, too, as, after their brilliant exhibition last Sunday, neither of today's teams will be keen to meet a fresh Turvey Park next Sunday.                             

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