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 1971 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 11, 1971 - No. 13 

By Swan: They say there is not much satisfaction in beating a weakened team, but the Swans got plenty of satisfaction in beating the Bulldogs which took them to second place with the top percentage.

A few of our usual top players had relatively quiet games but others "came good" to keep us in front all day.

The Firsts was a pretty dull unenterprising game, but the Seconds game provided lots of good football and a thrilling finish with the lead changing three times in the last ten minutes before the Swans got up by two points.

John Foley had his first run of the season in this game and showed enough good form to indicate he will soon be in line for promotion.

We appreciated the fact that Turvey Park, with only 13 players, fulfilled their commitment in the Thirds.

Winners of the weekly awards were Firsts (Co-op Stores Toby Lee award) John Candusso; Seconds (Bob Carroll award) Ian Hamilton; Thirds (sox award) John Milne.

For the Swans, congratulations to friend Bert (Schmidt) on his well merited honour, (VCFL Life member).

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