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 1962 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 12, 1962 - No. 17

By Neil Griggs: Our last home game of the season on Sunday saw us keep our final hopes alive with a win over Ardlethan, after a bright, entertaining game.

We were keen to turn on a good effort in this game for our many loyal supporters, and our thanks go to the Stars for their (not small) contribution to a most pleasing exhibition.

The selectors almost had to borrow Jack Luhrs' famed "Crystal Ball" to sort out our best player, but their choice of Bob Carroll was well received.

Len Sexton and Bill Biron turned in "beauties", as did Gordon Browne, Doug Koehler and John Cramp, and it was impossible to name a "passenger" in the team.

Although defeated, our seconds gave the classy Ardlethan team somewhat of a shock by outplaying and outscoring them in the second half.

Ernie "Pouncer" Wade was our best with a really good performance, and he was well supported by Fred Gambell, John Diggelmann and Allan Anderson.

Last Sunday was "Uncle Joe's" (Tyndall) birthday and he had his present in our win, while a "bit of folding", as of Griffith's win over Yenda in the "local derby" Rugby League game made it a happy day for our silent supporter.     

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