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 1962 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 13, 1962 - No. 5

By Neil Griggs: Well, it had to come, and we were certainly "battered" from the top perch by some tough Magpies on Sunday.

The Griffith room after the game was like an army R.A.P., with the trainers working overtime attending to bruises, bumps, etc., but fortunately most seemed minor injuries.

We could perhaps use Turvey's excuse of too many "stars" out of touch, but the real reason for our loss was the ruthless use of weight and strength by the United's in a game easily crowded on the small ground.

Don Best, almost decapitated by a vicious "stiff armer", which would have been "marching orders" for any Rugby player, had trouble washing the dust down after the game, but expects no lasting inconvenience from the "flattener".

Despite the strong finish, our seconds gave their worst display of the season to suffer their second defeat in a row. Rod Potter showed great improvement, while under notice were Reggie McCudden) and Pouncer Wade.

Rumour has it that one or two ex-players are thinking of coming out of retirement to help the seconds, and it is hoped, if they do appear, that Jim Eley treats them gently for a week or two.   

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