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 1967 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 14, 1967 - No. 6 

Our win at Whitton last Sunday was not achieved as easily as the scores would indicate. It was generally a rugged, scrambly game, not helped by the umpiring (Melbourne) and we were pleased to come out of it with four competition points and no serious injuries.

Our young Rugby League convert, Geoff Martin, who has improved with every game, turned in a beauty to rate best afield.

Geoff's good game gained him a major 3 points in the Co-op-Ernest Hillier suit award and he is one of the early picks to win the handsome trophy.

John Higgins gained two points in the award and Kevin Kirkpatrick one. Others to do well were Sid Robins, John Scott, Mal Russell and Brian Fitzpatrick.

With some extravagant inaccuracy our Seconds rattled up 9.22 in their 63-point win and this was another case where bad kicking was bad football. Our best were Les Hodson, Terry O'Connor, Frank Conlan (first game for the year - welcome back), and John Mitchell, who also appeared for the first time.

We hope to burst Leeton's bubble today but from all reports they are going well and we will need to do everything right.

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