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 1966 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 15, 1966 - No. 5 

After our poor showing against Turvey Park, our win at Ganmain was a real shot in the arm, and our 'friends' are back again.

It was anyone's game all day at Ganmain and perhaps we got the breaks at the right time, even to Bob Spears calling off his sit down strike prior to the game?

How do they do it? Here we are begging for a full forward and Ganmain bob up with a beauty in Pat Carroll to replace the injured Tom Carroll.

Bob Little, Vic Hathaway, Malcolm Russell and Kevin Kirkpatrick contributed a lot to our win, but it was also achieved by a splendid team effort.

Bill Biron did very well in his first game of the year and his rucking and high marking will be a big asset in future games.

Ganmain were too good in a solid second 18 game, although our last quarter rally caused their fans some uneasy moments.

Allan Norton-Baker was our best, with Ray Smith, Denny Dreyer and John Peters also prominent.

An unofficial 3rd 18 game was also won by Ganmain, with both teams well below top strength, and playing scrambly football.

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