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 1968 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" September 15, 1968 - No. 22 

By Swan: There were no heart cases reported amongst Griffith supporters and officials who were at Ardlethan last Sunday but there were certainly many "shaky" fans of both teams around when the final siren sounded ended the tough struggle.

It was bad enough having to suffer out the Seconds one point win but when the Firsts put on a repeat performance it really was a "double bunger" test on the nerves.

With all due respects to our First 18, the Seconds effort was a better achievement. Conceded very little chance against Ganmain their will-to-win and strong tackling gained them a notable victory and also 54 gallons of that amber fluid from some unbelieving local fans.

The First 18 game although nothing spectacular was very hard fought and not one for the weak of heart and frame.

Although they like a little more room in which to move our team generally, with a couple of puzzling exceptions played well and with a spell today and full attendance at training everyone should come up fit and well for the "big one" at Narrandera next Sunday.

Our Thirds are representing us today and although they may not have a lot of support, we know they will give of their best and win, lose or draw they had a good and enjoyable season. 

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The climax of six months of hard work will be seen at Narrandera Sports Ground on Sunday.

Ariah Park-Mirrool will meet Griffith in the South West grand final, and I'm going for Griffith to win.

I think the wide open spaces at Narrandera will suit Griffith, allowing them to use their faster flankers and wings, which Ariah Park have been able to smother on the smaller grounds.

Don't forget that Ariah Park has had four hard games in recent weeks.

Griffith is reasonable fresh and has beaten Ariah Park three times this season.

The last two wins were by four and a point.

On a fine day I think Griffith will be too fast.

* * *

Many interest will be where Ariah Park places its key players.

Last week Vernon Drake played at centre half forward.

In previous games against Griffith Sid Robins has always had the call over him in that position and Drake has shifted away.

Another interesting one will be Ricky Quade plays.

Last week they ended up with Jim Prentice at full forward.

I don't think Ariah Park will need to have Prentice out of the ruck, where Griffith is strong.

* * *

Reg Higgins, who dislocated his elbow, has been training for the last couple of weeks.

It was feared at one stage as though he wouldn't play again.

If Higgins is passed fit he would have to come back into the team

He has been playing very good football this season and when out of the team his drive from centre wing was badly missed.

* * *

Griffith is in the box seat this week.

With both teams in it means they can play those not selected for the firsts, in the seconds.

Griffith will meet Ganmain in the seconds and Griffith, it will be remembered, caused an upset when they beat Ganmain in the second semi.

With a full team Griffith has a very good chance of winning its first seconds premiership.

To do it, they will have to straighten up their kicking.

They have done plenty of attacking but waste chances in front of goal.

The Area News - Friday September 20, 1968

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