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 1965 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 16, 1965 - No. 6 

By Neil Griggs: Five-up and 13 to go is the Red and Whites tally to date and there hasn't been an easy game, either.

As anticipated, we had a rugged, lively game in Tigerland last Sunday, and struggled home thanks to some terrific defence in the hectic last quarter.

Our goal kickers were again off bean and it takes grand defence to win when you score 9-20.

Sid Robins, one of the half-backs, won the Dalla's Whitmont shirt.

Our seconds never settled down against the speedy Whitton 18 and were well beaten. Our best were Bob Munnerley, Alan Anderson, Ray Smith and Ron Dreyer.

It was a big rush to get our 3rd 18 to Whitton for a 10.15 start. The game didn't start until 11 o'clock, but it's hard to criticise Whitton for the delay, when our team had no coach or match officials in attendance.

These keen youngsters merit every assistance and it is hoped we can do better in their next game. Players to impress in this game were Phillip Smith, Ken McCudden, Robert Thomson, Ross Ward, John Crump and Max Eldridge.

This week should see Frank Conlan in the Red and White guernsey once again, and "Blossom" is sure of a big welcome from our fans.

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