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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: The Aussie Ruler May 17, 1964 - No. 6 

By Neil Griggs: Leeton gave us a fright last Sunday, with their good football in the first half, but they couldn't maintain the pace, and we got on top after half time.

Len Sexton, Ian Crewes and Peter Morris were all in good form but Jim Eley and Vic Hathaway were fairly quite, and Bill Biron took some time to warm up after a week in Melbourne at a trade school.

Johnny Bortolazzo was lucky he didn't have a cold, for he has a mighty sore nose for a few days - the result of a "shirtfronter" in the first five minutes of the game.

Sheer determination won a tough game for our seconds, and it was a feather in their caps to be the first team to beat Leeton.

John Kupsch played his best game to date, as did Gordon McDonald (Ex-Ardlethan), while others to show pleasing form were Peter Booth, Lachie O'Dwyer, Ray Smith and Bob Woolnough.

The Aussie Ruler sold well last week, with everyone waiting to see Reggie McCudden's winning team. If those who reckoned they could sumit a better one, do so, there will be a run on Birds Eye products in Griffith.

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