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 1973 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" June 17, 1973 - No.9 

By Swan: One quarter of football saved the day against Leeton in the last competition round two weeks ago. We were very lucky to win that game, with virtually the last kick of the match putting us in front.

Wayne "Chummy" Robins won the Griffith Co-op Shirt Award and is to be congratulated on his four quarters of football.

Others to play well were Bruce (Friddle) Forbes, Garry (Gonky) Gardner, Ian (Woddles) Wade, Kevin (Krunky) Kirkpatrick and Trevor (Mumpher) Miller.

The Seconds had the closest battle to date against the determined Leeton side. They managed a 33-point win with the game really only being decided in the last quarter.  Best players were John (Hunky) Higgins, Ian (Hamish) Hamilton, John (Smittzy) Schmetzer and Bill (Bonkers) Biron.

The Thirds' game was a battle for second place with Leeton proving too strong in the finish. The game was by far the best spectator value on the day. Best players were Stephen (Smelly) Best, Dennis (Swiddle) Schmetzer, Neil (Jock-scrap) Jackson, Duncan (Schilly) Sharpe and Ian (Woeful) Wood.

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