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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" September 20, 1964 - No. 21 

By Neil Griggs: There was a lot of pleased and relieved people about when the final siren (asthmatically) ended the game at Whitton last Sunday.

Griffith now go into the grand final ... the first time since 1952, and we are all hoping the success of that year can be repeated.

Les Collis turned in one of his best ever games with Griffith and, on most votes, was the team's best player. A repeat in a week's time, please, Les.

Peter Morris clearly revealed his value to the team with inspiring example and smart leadership and no player will be trying harder than he in the grand final.

Bob Little soon settled down after his absence through injury and as he finished as sound as a bell, he should do even better next time.

The Lady' Auxiliary (bless them!) came good with four dozen cans and a few kisses after the game - both appreciated by the players.

Despite a lot of rain, the ground was in very good order and the Whitton Club is to be commended on its match arrangement. The members of the Club did an outstanding job with what they had available.

As spectators today at Ardlethan, we expect to see a brilliant game. Our best wishes to both teams for a good and injury-free game.

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Hey look us over, the great red and whites. Second on the ladder and climbing for the heights.

Led by the 'Possum", eighteen as one. We'll never stop playing as a team until the pennant's won.

And we'll be aiming for the majors, not the behinds. We'll leave that to Walsh, he's got the biggest of its kind.

If you're looking around to find the budding premiers team so far. Look us over here we are.

I'm Bobbie Little, I'm Ian Crewes, I got my seven, was lauded in the news.

I'm silent Bill, I'm Goldilock's Jim, Kings of the rucks and making sure your cup's full to the brim.

And I am "Twinkle toes" Sexton, my gad I'm fast. Hurrah for my handball, I'm the horse and cart.

And right down to the sticks where Gordon Browne is waiting in fray "Out of bound Lad", so they say.

I'm "High Noon" Banjo, a tough nut to crack. My opposite number never has a chance to answer back.

And I'm back man Les Collis. I'm Vic Hathaway, long in the tooth but won't give the game away.

And if there's a word that rhyme with Bortolazzo, tell me pray, I'm a demon on my day.

I'm flankman Davies, I'm Donnie Best, Along with Chow Carroll, we're equal to the best.

I'm Siddie Robins, I'm full forward Mal, I'm keeping my mouth shut in case a pass comes from Pal.

So you praise us and laud us, a pat on the back, It's hasn't done since fifty two, but this year we'll all star.

Look us over here we are; Look us over here we are.

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