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 1961 SEASON 
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SWANS CLUB NOTES: The Aussie Ruler May 21, 1961 - No 7.

It's congratulations to Ariah Park-Mirrool on a game well played to defeat us last Sunday. Their win was truly deserved, but we hope to get our revenge in the next round.

Vic Hathaway turned in his usual classy display to rate as Griffith's best with one of the highlights of his play being much better disposal of the ball.

It was a pleasure to see two really good umpires on the one day at Mirrool in Jim Ryan (2nd XVIII) and Jack Walsh. It would be great if this standard was maintained each Sunday.

The thrilling finish at Mirrool had everyone aroused, but no one felt the strain more than our three injured players - Bob Spears, Bill Tyndall and Jim Fielder, who all reckon it's harder to watch than play in such a game.

Add Don Best and Bob Tyndall to the above three, and it will be appreciated that the Griffith performance, without these key five members, was a grand team effort - it was, in fact, one of their best games of the year.

Our Seconds with eight regulars missing, took a long time to settle down and looked like suffering their first defeat, but Jim Eley's inference of quitting at three-quarter time apparently go the players "Irish" up, and they swamped their opposition in the last term. Fred Gambell was our outstanding player in the tough Seconds game, and if he can maintain his form, must come into calculations for promotion.   

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