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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: The Aussie Ruler June 21, 1964 - No. 9 

By Neil Griggs: It was a thrill to see the SWDFL win the championship semi-final against North Central at Narrandera last Sunday.

The enthusiasm and will-to-win of our players was good to see and it was pleasing for Griffith fans to see our five players all do their share towards the win.

In all tributes to the team, coach Bernie Sculley must not be overlooked. His guidance was invaluable and he had the support and confidence of all players.

It was bad luck for our rover, Ian Crewes, that an injury at Ardlethan kept him out of the big game. He will have a hard job getting back against Barry Connolly, Peter Morris and Terry McGee.

Our last competition game against Ardlethan was a pretty torrid affair and, in addition to Ian Crewes, we lost "Banjo" Pattison.

Ardlethan are gaining a reputation as "bad men", which is a pity, for they have a good team, and could still win a lot of games by concentrating more on football.

Ardlethan seconds (a good team) had an easy win over our disappointing team, which was best served by Colin Geddes, Tony Collins and Fred Gambell.

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