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 1963 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 21, 1963 - No. 14

By Neil Griggs: With too many inexperienced players we were only able to pace it with Turvey Park for the first half last Sunday. With their pace, teamwork and will-to-win, the Bulldogs will be hard to beat for the pennant.

Thanks to the best two men afield, Fred Mundy and Len Sexton (I'm sure Ted Ryder will agree), we had plenty of scoring chances, but their rugged defenders were too solid for our youngsters.

The game was highlighted as being rough and there were a couple of incidents, but the distribution of frees - Griffith 34, Turvey 34 - is evidence enough that there were "villains" on both sides.

Their loss on Sunday put our seconds out of the four, but with a fairly easy draw they are still optimistic about qualifying for the finals.

On a heavy, tiring ground, Jim Eley put up a grand performance, in that when a couple of selected players failed to arrive he played two full games, and in each was amongst our best players.

A date for Griffith players to remember - Friday, August 3 - the night of the Annual Club Ball.   

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