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 1966 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 22, 1966 - No. 6 

We had high hopes of inflicting Narrandera's first defeat, but not by such a convincing margin - that was a pleasant and heartening surprise.

The game was a hard, bruising affair, and the first aid men were kept working overtime, but there was only a couple of minor skirmishes.

Narrandera were unlucky to lose coach Eric Vinar, Stewart Hutchins and Gerry O'Brien, with leg injuries which could cause them to miss a game or two.

We also replaced Kevin Kirkpatrick and Bill Tyndall, but their injuries were only minor and they will be on deck again today.

Len Sexton, who was playing his one hundredth consecutive game, was honoured in a fitting way as the teams took the field prior to the game.

Really good efforts from John Foley, Sid Robins and Gordon Browne kept Narrandera's big three - Phillip Wines, Peter Box and Geoff Sharp - in check most of the day, and played a big part in our win. It was another grand team effort, with probably Kevin Kirkpatrick, Mal Russell, Bob Little and Vic Hathaway most noticeable.

Our seconds team couldn't settle down early, and Narrandera won the game by 14 points.

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