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 1967 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" July 23, 1967 - No. 14 

Turvey Park proved a stumbling block last Sunday and were too good. Our players, however, helped bring about their own defeat by not adapting themselves to the umpire's rulings, and also by foolish frees.

Still a one-kick defeat (5 points), after conceding 32 points start to a team such as Turvey in the last 15 minutes is quite a good effort.

The "Tank" left little doubt as who was our best player, but it was hard to seek out the next best.

Voting in the Griffith Co-op-Ernest Hillier suit award for Sunday were Bob Spears 3 points, Ray Davies 2, Kevin Kirkpatrick 1.

Others to do well were John Foley, Bill Biron, Bob Prenzel and John Fitzpatrick.

The second 18 turned on a splendid effort to gain our only win on Sunday. It was an outstanding game and our best were Les Hodson, Garry Owen, Darryl Collis and Reg Higgins.

The team is now in second place, and in their present form must rate a definite premiership chance.

After a long break without a game our thirds were unable to get going and Turvey were easy winners. Our best were Mervyn Brill John Candusso, Ray Bortolazzo and Wayne Robins.

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