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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 23, 1964 - No. 17 

By Neil Griggs: Getting just the result we needed last Sunday, we are now back in second place, and everyone is confident that we can hang on to that double chance.

It was a pretty lively game at Coolamon last Sunday, and the result was in doubt until the end, although we possibly finished slightly the better.

Ian Crewes kicked five goals in the first half, but apparently lost his radar after half time. He still, however, retains second place amongst the goal-kickers.

The Ron Dalla suit award points went to Bill Biron 5, Vic Hathaway 4, Don Best 3, Gordon Browne 2, and John Foley 1. With only two games to go, Vic Hathaway has a handy lead for this valuable trophy.

It is pleasing to see Mr. Dalla at Coolamon. Possibly, son John, one of our star 14 year schoolboy players, has got Dad interested.

Although the selected 21 players travelled to Coolamon, our second 18 again disappointed, seeming to lack enthusiasm, and Coolamon didn't have much trouble in winning.

The last home game on Sunday, and the cheer squad should get in some good practice for the finals.

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