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 1971 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" April 25, 1971 - No. 3 

By Swan: Some rather bedraggled looking Swans staggered home after their pulverising from the Bulldogs in both games last Sunday and ego was zero minus on Monday.

It was such a big loss it was hard to find any good Griffith players but perhaps Sid Robins, Ian Wade and David Simmons, were the most consistent.

The Seconds also found Turvey Park too strong to go down by 33 points with Geoff Martin, Richard Dalwood, Phil Smith and Alan Best the most prominent.

Geoff Martin incidentally travelled to Wagga on Saturday to participate in the Leagues Club's boxing tournament, but his fame must be spreading as for the second time in a row he failed to get matched.

Turvey, through lack of players had to forfeit the Thirds game but we took a team over and had a game against an over age team in the hope it might stir things along for them. Hope it helped.

Today we welcome "Skeeter" Milne to our team. Skeeter had some trouble getting a clearance from Whitton, but everything is OK, and you will see him in No. 7 guernsey.

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