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 1964 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" April 26, 1964 - No. 3 

By Neil Griggs: A big crowd saw a splendid game last Sunday, in which Griffith pleased by the way they wore Turvey Park down to win. Playing his 150th game for Griffith, Vic Hathaway was given a big ovation as he ran through a guard of honour comprising Griffith and Turvey Park players.

Gordon Browne, tried at fullback, won the Club shirt award and the merit of his performance is shown by the fact that Rex Burge could only kick three goals. Bill Biron rucked brilliantly and was well supported by Jim Eley and our rovers also were at their best. It was pleasing to see Ian Crewes showing some of his form that won him the Best and Fairest award in two competitions last year. He should improve steadily from now on.

Turvey Park were too solid in the seconds, to win by 25 points. Ray Smith showed a lot of promise, whilst others to do well were Mick Bridges, John Kupsch and Fred Gambell.

Our schoolboys were away to a good start, beating Whitton in all three competition games - under 12's, 45 to 18; under 14's, 129 to nil; under 16's, 59 to 26, to greatly please their coaches. 

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By Neil Griggs

An outstanding feature of last Sunday's game at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval was the manner in which the architect of most of Ariah Park - Mirrool's scoring moves Bernie Sculley, was kept out of the game by Griffith's new half back flanker Vic Hathaway.

The effective blanketing of Sculley saw the Combines floundering in attack and Vic's sterling performance had a lot to do with Griffith's big winning margin. That his effort was appreciated is indicated when he won the Club award also topped the poll in the two points score awards.


Jim Eley seems to get better with each game. Following a good effort against Turvey Park he did even better last Sunday to rank right up with the best players. His would be the best marking exhibition throughout the game, while he also had the honour of kicking the best goal of the match with a dazzling 60 yard drop kick. Achievements such as these and his usual hundred per cent efforts make Jim a valuable team member.


Following his grand exhibition against Ariah Park-Mirrool, Vic Hathaway is now closely pressing Bill Biron in the Col. Longobardi First 18 Points Score award. Bill tallied 3 points to total 13, and with 5 Vic, moved up tp 12 and then follows Gordon Browne 3 (total 10). Malcolm Brauman 5 (9), Jim Eley 3 (8), John Bortolazzo 1 (6), Ron Pattison 0 (4), John Walsh 1 (3), Les Collis 1 (2), John Foley 2 (2) and Don Best 1.


Rarely has spectators at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval witnessed the Griffith second 18 team on a scoring rampage as was the case against Ariah Park-Mirrool last Sunday. Many factors contributed to their big score of 21/14 (140) but perhaps the goal scorers Peter Booth and Bob Carroll merit a special mention. Peter gave a copybook exhibition of full forward play and showed a very keen goal sense to score quite a few of his 11 goals while Bob had the incentive of five pints for 5 goals to stir him to his 5 majors. Despite his liking for pints, however, his was not a selfish effort and his team play sent him to equal first in the Point Score award.


No less than 18 players have received points in the second 18 Col. Longobardi Point Score award and the lead is now held by Ray Smith, with 3 on Sunday and Bob Carroll 5 on Sunday with a total of 9. The follow Peter Booth 4 (total 8), Ray Davies 6, Mick Bridges 5, Col. Geddes 5, Gordon Brennan 2 (5), Fred Gambell 1 (5), John Kupsch 1 (4), Peter Hawkins 3, Gordon McDonald, Bob Smyth, Kevin Phillis, Murray Shaw (1), Bob Tyndall on 2 and Harry Moses, John Forbes and Bevan Savage 1 each.


Coming from a well known district footballing family, it came to no surprise when Col. Geddes was very impressive in his first game, with the Griffith second 18 last Sunday. However, it does not seem Col. will remain in the seconds for long if Sunday's exhibition is any criterion of his ability for he certainly played with the hallmark of a first class footballer.


The Aussie Ruler - Birds Eye Pick the SWDFL Team comp. is sure to create a lot of interest in the next few weeks and no doubt some controversial teams will appear. Griffith fans will probably submit their share of teams and on current form there will not be many of them that do not include Len Sexton and Vic Hathaway.


As a result of his six goals last Sunday Griffith full forward, Mal Brauman moved several rungs up the goal kicking ladder into second place, four goals behind the leader Tom Carroll who has kicked 17. Under the coaching and tutelage of Peter Morris, young Malcolm is improving with every game and with the team playing so well he should remain high amongst the leading goalkickers and could even emulate Len Sexton by topping the poll.


Only four players received votes last Sunday in the first allocation of points for the Ron Dalla-Daroff suit Points Score award with Vic Hathaway heading the list with 7 points. John Foley and Bill Biron gained 4 points and Jim Eley three and it certainly appears as if the competition for these attractive and valuable trophy will be very keen.

Riverina Advocate - Wednesday April 29, 1964

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