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 1963 SEASON 
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GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" May 26, 1963 - No. 7

By Neil Griggs: For the second successive year our visit to Ariah Park coincided with a deluge and it was a case of "water, water everywhere", but, unlike the ancient mariner, no one was thirsty - not for water, anyway.

Despite the benefit of pineapple and glucose, our players proved poor splashers and mud-runners, and maintained their away beaten record.

Bob Spears was easily our best water baby and his shirt award was very popular. A new guernsey, however, may have been better, as it is doubtful if his will ever be white again.

Newcomer John Walsh struck a shocking day for his initial first 18 game with Griffith, but showed enough to indicate he will be a decided asset in future games.

Neither team appreciated hanging around, with rain imminent, waiting for the umpires to arrive at Ariah Park, and it looks as if the "lunch break" at Narrandera will have to be curtailed a little for umpires going to outlying towns, especially for the next couple of months, with the days so short.

Johnny Forbes took the honours and the shirt award for the second 18, and for once everyone agreed with the selectors on both awards. Congratulations to Ariah Park-Mirrool seconds on their first comp win.   

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