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 1965 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" September 26, 1965 - No. 22 

The Griffith team showed last Sunday that Gissing Oval was no longer their "hoodoo" ground, and their performance against the "team to beat" must have impressed everyone.

It was bad luck for the Bombers to cop those injuries at the wrong time. Despite this, however, they really kept us under pressure all day and gave us many anxious moments.

In a good team, sparked to a 100 plus per cent effort by the unfortunate Munnerley incident, we had many good players with perhaps, the best Mal Brauman, Vic Hathaway, Bill Biron and Len Sexton, with Mal the popular winner of Ron Dalla's Whitmont shirt.

It seems the same "disease" as the senior players - inaccuracy in front of goal - on Sunday undoubtedly cost the thirds a place in the grand final. They have, however, done very well during the season, and the Club is proud of them.

Being all juniors without any seasoned veterans, many of them should be in line for promotion next year.

Today is the big day everyone has been waiting for. We hope to win, but whatever the result we know our team will play, as always, in the true sporting spirit of Australian Football.

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