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 1967 SEASON 
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 SWANS CLUB NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" August 27, 1967 - No. 19 

Last Sunday was a black day for the Red and Whites and the loss of Kevin Kirkpatrick and Ray Davies and possibly Bob Spears greatly lessons our premiership chances, but that the way the"cookie crumbles".
Unsettled after the injuries, our team had no answer to Narrandera's strong play.
John Foley, in two separate votes, rated as our best and took the last three points allocation in the Co-op / Ernest Hillier suit award, with Brian Fitzpatrick getting two points and Bill Biron one.
Our Seconds gave us something to cheer about by defeating the competition leaders in an outstanding 2nd XV111 game. Our best were Ray Smith, John Mitchell, Gar
y Owen, Les Hodson and Don Best.
If they do not have supply replacements for the 1st XV111, this team would be hard to beat for the premiership, as they are really going well.
After leading Narrandera until half time, our Thirds couldn't keep u the pressure and lost by 28 points. Best were Wayne Robins, Mervyn Brill, Alan Norton-Baker and David Forrester. 
Congratulations to all teams who made the finals - commiserations to those who missed out, and to all, best wishes for a better and brighter 1968 season.

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