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 1968 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "The Aussie Ruler" April 28, 1968 - No. 3 

By Swan: Despite all their training on a lush green surface and even in teeming rain on Friday, the Griffith players were hopeless on the Grong Grong sand track and handled the conditions like hobbled ducks.

Turvey Park has a "secret weapon" in the black mud of Gissing Oval but teams visiting Grongie will find the deep sand just as hard to counter.

No excuses though as Magpies are not beach birds and the result shows they went OK in the conditions.

One Griffith player, Sid Robins, also proved a beach sprinter.

In fact he rated as best afield and as one Griffith player remarked after the game, "They didn't beat Griffith, they beat Sid Robins. He was the only one playing in our team".

There were other Red and Whites also getting a few kicks but "Bones" took all the honours and was unchallenged for major points in the Griffith Co-op-Ernest Hillier suit award.

Our Seconds too, found the sand a problem but managed to keep the flag flying with Mick Newman, David "Monty" Forrester, Wal Clark and Wayne Robins doing well.

Let us, however, forget Grong Grong and concentrate on three wins against Leeton today. 

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