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 1963 SEASON 
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Dear Sir, - Being a very keen supporter of the "Gentleman's Game played by Gentlemen". (Aussie Rules) I wish to give my experiences and views of the two "games" (reserves and firsts) played at the Ex-Servicemen's "stadium" between Griffith and Narrandera last Sunday.
Firstly, the reserves who in my opinion up till Sunday played Australian Football hard and fair without spite or malice, have caught a bad "virus" complaint as it were demoted firsts players or something.
That is trying to brush mosquitoes or something off the ears of the opposing players, without first asking the said players for permission. They seem to take a very dim view of this.
I refer in the case of the reserves to incidents by number 28, 29 and 16 (as quoted by "The Aussie Ruler"). It the case of No. 16 it was most uncalled for and unfair incident I've seen.
It would not be tolerated in a pub brawl. Knowing the sportsmanship and fairness of the reserves coach, I'm sure these matters will be attended to.
In the main four quarter "bout" I am not so sure what the selectors or the committee will do.
It was heartening to read those four players had been reported. This in due course will be dealt with by good men and true. Some of these happenings were certainly not without humour.
The play during one quarter coming to a halt and our coach starting a foot race and later over on the scoreboard side a really good display of the "manly art."
Every match I have seen has its incidents; the worst being at Whitton.
Do the selectors or committee have any power to control these over-energetic brave players.
I suggest that they try making a deal with the Police Boys' Club to put on a "show" as pro fighters.
I also noticed that when the Griffith scoreboard reads visitors 100, Griffith 10, the umpires get a very hot roasting.
Included amongst these vocal experts seems a very large proportion of committeemen.
There is one thing certain after seeing a committeeman lead on alleged "back chatter" out of the members enclosure I won't be wearing a bright red pullover to any games. - Yours, etc.

HARRY KURTZMAN - (The Area News - Tuesday June 18, 1963)

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