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Round 15 - Sunday August 1, 2010
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Leeton Showground 2.10pm
Umpires: Ryan Dedini, Paul Smith and Mark Rowe (RUA)
Leeton-Whitton ...... 1.2 .. 4.6 .. 6.8 .. 9.13 (67)
Griffith ............... ...... 2.1 .. 2.5 .. 6.7 .. 11.8 (74)

GRIFFITH: Jack Tyrell, Craig Lugton, Dean Catanzariti; Matthew Kenny, Matthew Noonan, Dean Crack; Jonathon Gastin, Mathew Crack, Luke Piccolo; James Fallon, Josh Whelan, Brad Woolner; Matthew Hogan, Jeff Mickan, Luke Humphries; Shaun Curran, Michael Duncan, Tim Matheson; Cameron Harrison, Rhys Best, Jesse Ryan 
Leeton-Whitton: B Dryburgh 3, J Wessing 2, R Maguire 2, B Boots, D Harrison
Grifith: M Duncan 4, T Matheson 2, J Whelan 2, L Humphries, J Fallon, D Crack
Leeton-Whitton: R Maguire, C Townsend, B Dryburgh, N Doolin, D Sullivan, D Elwin
Griffith: T Matheson, M Crack, M Duncan, L Humphries, J Mickan, S Curran

MILESTONE: Jeff Mickan 200th senior game.
A summary of match report, with thanks
It has taken 98 days and 12 rounds of the Riverina Football League season but finally the Griffith Swans have won their second game for 2010. The breakthrough result came at the expense of their arch-rivals the Leeton-Whitton Crows in a gutsy display that has team officials excited about the last three weeks of their season.

Coach Matt Noonan was quietly confident of getting the monkey off the side’s back in the lead up to the important clash, but the win was so close and so far, after the Swans trailed by a point heading into the final quarter. 

Noonan said it was his side’s desire to show the rest of the competition, and more importantly themselves, that they could tough it out down the stretch as Griffith kicked five goals to win 11.8 (74) to 9.13 (67).

“There was just that 10-15 per cent more commitment at the ball by the boys and you could see that because of that the confidence and enthusiasm grew,” Noonan said.  “It was mirror-image of the time we last played them; they had the wind in the last quarter, but we knew it was going to be a nail-biter until the end.

“From my behalf I’m feeling a lot of relief and it was really satisfying to see the boys play the way they did and that they brought it home.”
The Swans leader contemplated putting an extra man back in the half-back line in order to counteract the favourable scoring conditions for the Crows. But realising they had their first win in weeks within their sights they decided to throw caution to the wind rather than regret not being more positive. The Swans had four different goal kickers in the last term, with midfield star Mick Duncan finishing with a tally of five to go with Tim Matheson’s double, with Dean Crack and Josh Whelan bagging goals in the vital last few minutes. “We were able to spot up kicks, but they weren’t the big 40 metre kicks into the forward line or a bloke on the lead, it was more of us not getting manned up and getting guys in better positions than before,” Noonan said.
Adding to the occasion was Jeff Mickan’s 200th game with the Griffith veteran again one of the sides best across half-forward. “To see the smile on his face was worth it, he himself probably took a dozen marks and he probably didn’t have as the weeks have gone by and with Shaun Curran getting more fitness,” Noonan said. Despite the loss Reece Maguire, Craig Townsend, Ben Dryburgh, Nick Doolin, Daniel Sullivan and David Elwin all were outstanding for the Crows. (By Scott Hazlewood – The Area News, Monday August 2, 2010).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Mangoplah-CUE 20.12 (132) def Narrandera 2.6 (18), Turvey Park 8.7 (55) def by Coolamon 9.6 (60), Wagga 3.6 (24) def by Ganmain-GGM 13.13 (91).

Reserves: Leeton-Whitton 7.14 (56) def Griffith 4.7 (31)
Goals: J Harris 2, T Valeri, A Cappello
Best players: S Foscarini, C Burge, P Crawford, T Valeri, D Best, A Cappello
Under 17: Griffith 7.11 (53) def Leeton-Whitton 3.8 (26)
Goals: B Prendergast 2, C Moore 2, C O'Reilly, J Parr, T Blissett 
Best players: B Watts, S Brennan, J Crowe, P Whittard, T Blissett, J Soraggi 

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