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Representative - NSW Regional Championships - June 7-8, 2008
Venue: Maher Oval, Wagga
Riverina FL ....... 9.14 (68)

Farrer FL .......... 9.3 (57)

Riverina: L Maloney 2, C Cerato, L Walsh, M Duncan, E Whyman, P Heath, A Donaldson, S Keenan
Farrer: M Geppert 3, D Pieper, D Papworth, K Kelman, B Aiken, J Meiselbach, J Hagar
Riverina: T Power, J Kahlafeldt, C McPherson, L _Moloney, A Donaldson, P Heath
Farrer: D Pieper, B Aiken, A Dikkenberg, J Meiselbach, D Papworth, W Haines 
A summary of match report, with thanks
Riverina Football League withstood a spirited Farrer League fight-back to claim the NSW Regional Championships at Maher Oval last weekend. In a pulsating finish - in which the Farrer League reduced the margin to just one point late in a tense final term - RFL steadied under pressure and ran out deserved winners, 9.14 (68) to 9.3 (57).

RFL led by four straight kicks early in the third term when opposing centre half-forward Peter Heath marked strongly from 45m out.

The contest looked beyond the reach of David Pieper's team as RFL played the game on its own terms. RFL's silky midfield was providing silver service to the likes of Josh Hall, Chris Cerato, Luke Maloney, Heath and Sam Keenan.

However, Farrer League lifted its work-rate and turned things around with four of the next five goals. By three-quarter time the advantage had been cut to seven points on the back of a definite swing in momentum and an upset was on the cards.

Farrer League full-forward Marc Geppert strengthened those claims with a booming 60m goal which saw the margin subside even further.

RFL looked decidedly shaky as it clung to a two-point lead. In the final 10 minutes both teams squeezed every once out of the game.

The final quickly became a war of attrition. RFL coach Jamie Grintell said his side nearly let slip the golden opportunity but said their determination to bring the trophy back to the RFL proved to be the difference between the two sides.

"We missed a lot of easy shots on goal but that was due to the pressure they were putting on," Grintell said. "But I said to them as long as we stick to it and keep going the way we have been all weekend, we'll be right." Grintell said a genuine desire to win propelled RFL over the line.

"We had our lapses in concentration, as did both sides, but we never gave up," Grintell said. "That's why these guys are here.

"They're the best in the competition and don't give up no matter what."  (The Area News - Wednesday June 11, 2008). 

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