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First Semi Final - Saturday September 9, 2006
Riverina Football League. Gate: $4644
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval
Umpires: Scott Crowley, Sam Graham and Tim Beard (RUA)
Eastern Hawks ..... 3.3 .. 4.6 .. 8.7 .. 11.11 (77) .. 11.11 .. 12.11 (83) A.E.T.
Griffith .................... 0.2 .. 3.6 .. 6.8 .. 11.11 (77) .. 13.12 .. 14.12 (96

EASTERN HAWKS: Levi Pollett, Kaine Malone, Patrick Gribble (c-c); Stephen Thompson, Darren Cuthbert, Jay Pearce; Sam Jackson-Ryan, Jared Gorman, Brenton Roberts; Phillip Evans, Ben Perkins, Daniel Purtill; David Vanderfeen, Glenn Cole, Luke Adams; Ken Vanderfeen, Heath Gibbs, Danny Bromham; Jeremy Solway, Brad Kiley, Eric Bowman, Nathan Scott 
GRIFFITH: Daniel Best, Glenn Vaccari, Brendan Giason; Roger Heenan, Nathan Petersen-Gray, James Toscan; Ben Ford, Daniel Meade, Michael Duncan; Dean Crack, Josh Ward, Matt Bunn; Ashley Gardner, Gary Argus, Graham Foley; Jeff Mickan, Matthew McDonald, Luke McLean (c-c); Jeff Harris, Joel Brown, Myles Bunn, David Pasin 
Eastern Hawks: D Vanderfeen 3, G Cole 2, P Evans 2, B Perkins 2, B Roberts 2, S Jackson-Ryan 
Griffith: D Meade 5, M McDonald 3, M Duncan 2, J Brown, D Crack, J Toscan, Matt Bunn
Eastern Hawks: K Vanderfeen, E Bowman, D Cuthbert, G Cole, P Gribble, S Jackson-Ryan

Griffith: D Best, M McDonald, R Heenan, M Duncan, N Petersen-Gray, J Mickan

A summary of match report, with thanks

Little-known Griffith utility Daniel Meade turned into a match-winner hero on Saturday when he booted three goals during extra-time to snatch a dramatic 13-point victory for the Swans over Eastern Hawks in the Riverina Football League first semi-final at the Exies Oval.

With the scores tied 11.11 (77) apiece at full-time, Griffith thrived on the extra five minutes each way to move through to Sunday's preliminary final with a thrilling 96-83 win. Meade proved to be the match-winner for Griffith as he kicked the first three in extra-time to almost single-handedly win the Swans the game. After being behind all day and with the wind behind them,

Griffith hit the front and looked home with a 13-point lead at the 20-minute mark of the final term before the visitors fought on for one last hurrah. The Hawks rallied and managed to level the score and then had the ball entrenched deep in their forward line when the siren sounded. But extra-time proved too much for the Hawks as they finished their season on a disappointing note, bowing out of the finals race in straight sets. For Griffith, however, it was two cliffhanging sudden death victories within seven days and captain-coach Luke McLean says the close results were doing wonders for his team. "We're starting to build a lot of character for the club and these couple of wins are really starting to bring the team together as a team," McLean said.

"The boys played really well today, Eastern Hawks played well and threw everything they had us, but we battled through together and got over the line. "Daniel Meade was probably the difference at the end, I think the Hawks took him a bit too easy and he's a good mark and straight kick and he really stepped up at the end." Griffith had several match-winners all over the ground at times, but none were better than ruckman and centre half-forward Jeff Mickan, who worked tirelessly all day for the Swans.

Mick Duncan spent a lot of time helping the Swans defence in the opening half before moving to full-forward in the final quarter and the NSW Country rep was just the spark Griffith needed as he kicked two goals and set up another to put the home team in front for the first time. Matt McDonald was dominant in the first half, while Nathan Petersen-Gray again won the duel against Eastern Hawks' full-forward Ben Perkins who spent the day trying to drag his opponent away from the play. Hawks coach Pat Gribble was outstanding for his team in defence, while Ken and David Vanderfeen also contributed 100 per cent. (The Area News - Monday September 11, 2006).


Eastern Hawks ..... 5.3 .. 10.6 .. 14.7 .. 18.9 (117)
Ganmain-GGM ...... 4.3 .. 8.3 .. 15.5 .. 16.5 (101)

Goals - Eastern Hawks: M McPherson 6, B Limbrick 2, R Campbell 2, J Nockholds 2, J Grieve 2, R Girling, P Hull, J Middleton
Ganmain-GGM: J Hamblin 9, B Fennessy 3, D Cox, S Harris, R McGowan, C Lenon
Best players - Eastern Hawks: J Nockholds, M Adams, J Middleton, W Rolla, B Limbrick, J Grieve
Ganmain-GGM: J Hamblin, D Cox, G Woolnough, M Hatty, R McGowan, D Logan
Under 18
Mangoplah-CUE ..... 4.5 .. 6.8 .. 8.9 .. 10.11 (71)
Turvey Park ............. 0.1 .. 2.1 .. 4.2 .. 5.5 (35)

Goals - Mangoplah-CUE: J Killalea 4, T Cohalan, G Reid, B Turner, J Foster, K Thompson, M Thomas
Turvey Park: K Stubenrauch 2, J Cattell, K Dedini, M Irons
Best players - Mangoplah-CUE: J Killalea, R Price, K Thompson, D Cooper, J Cobb, N King
Turvey Park: M Ness, N Blencowe, L Stinson, J Luff, T Leahy, A Malone 

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