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Round 13 - Sunday July 13, 2008
Riverina Football League
Venue: Maher Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Tony Butler, Pat O'Donoghue and Ryan Dedini (RUA) 
Turvey Park .... 3.6 .. 4.8 .. 9.12 .. 12.16 (88) 
Griffith ............. 3.1 .. 6.3 .. 8.5 .. 10.5 (65)

TURVEY PARK: Blair Campbell, Jeff Fletcher, Will Martin; David Johnson, Doug McLean, Cameron Barker; Rick Daniher, Andrew Donaldson, Nathan Flanagan; Nathan Byrne, Mitchell Byrne, Doug Feary; Brad Cooper, James Elliott, Matt Hooker; Scott Pople, Ryan Blundell, Dane Campbell; Todd Jackson, Dylan Clarke, Chris Beckmans
GRIFFITH: Myles Bunn, Simon Spiers, James Smith; Glen Snaidero, Matthew Kenny, Brendan Giason; Luke Piccolo, Michael Johns, Jonathon Gastin; James Toscan, Jeremy Way, Ben Ford; Andrew Cappello, Craig Conlan Kris Duncan; Shaun Curran, Michael Duncan, Brett Owen; Michael Tyndall, Jack Tyrell*, Cameron Harrison 
Turvey Park: J Elliott 4, D Campbell 3, M Hooker, D Feary, D Clarke, W Martin, B Campbell 
Griffith: M Duncan 3, J Way 2, J Toscan 2, S Curran 2, C Conlan 
Turvey Park: N Byrne, M Hooker, D Johnson, J Elliott, D Campbell, S Pople 
Griffith: M Johns, C Conlan, S Spiers, S Curran, M Bunn, B Owen

A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans, RFL final hopes have been dashed but the team went out swinging, with a strong performance against Turvey Park on Sunday losing by 23-points at Maher Oval. In a game that never reached any great heights, the Bulldogs cane from seven points down at half-time to run over the top of the Swans, 12.16 (88) to 10.5 (65). 
But while Turvey Park were taken aback, they regained the upper hand in the third quarter, with five goals to Griffith's two. Griffith coach Gerard Toscan said the loss takes the team out of contention for the finals.

"We pretty much had their measure for the last part of the first quarter and the second quarter," he said. "We dropped off concentration in the third quarter and they got a break." Toscan said the Swans had trouble this season keeping head on the scoreboard.

"We had the lead at half-time against Turvey Park and we were looking pretty good," he said. "Just too many times this season we've been in front at half-time and have not been able to nail these guys." Entering the game without six players, Turvey Park coach Anthony Dowdle was pleased just to get past the "danger game" with a win. "I don't care if it was an ugly win, I'm just happy to get the four points," Dowdle said.

"We played alright in patches but the best part about it was the win. "We managed to win without six really good players and that fact that we're still winning with the players out is a great effort." With the Swans now unable to make the finals, Toscan said the rest of the season would be about experimenting and having fun. "We're going to look at a number of younger players," he said.

"We'll bring up James Taylor from the Under 18s, and maybe one or two others. "We'll probably take a few more risks in the game ahead."

(The Area News - Monday July 14, 2008).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Mangoplah-CUE 21.18 (144) def Eastern Hawks 4.6 (30), Wagga 10.12 (72) def by Leeton-Whitton 10.14 (74); SUN: Coolamon 10.15 (85) def Ganmain-GGM 13.9 (87), North Wagga 8.6 (54) def by Narrandera 33.16 (214)


Reserves: Turvey Park 16.11 (107) def Griffith 9.8 (62)

Goals: N Campbell 2, C Lugton 2, M Butcher 2, B Jaffrey, D Keenan, M Clark

Best players: N Campbell, M McDonell, B Woolner, M Vardanega, C Lugton, R Bridgen

Under 18: Turvey Park 20.10 (130) d Griffith 12.5 (77)

Goals: J Tyrell 3, R McLean 2, B Gastin 2, B Snaidero 2, T Allen, J Wade, S Gilbert

Best players: D Bruce, J Wade, S Gilbert, H Heath, B Jaffrey, B Gastin

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