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Round 6 - Sunday May 17, 2009
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Griffith ...................... 0.0 .. 2.1 .. 2.2 .. 7.3 (45) 
Mangoplah-CUE .... 4.6 .. 11.7 .. 15.13 .. 20.14 (134)

GRIFFITH: Royce Johns, Norm Campbell, Andrew Cappello; Michael Tyndall, James Smith, Myles Bunn; Sam Huxtable, Jonathon Gastin, Jason Bertacco; James Nancarrow, Jeff Mickan, Dean Crack; Rodney Simpkin, Michael Harris, Kris Duncan; Shaun Curran, Ben Ford, Brett Owen; Craig Lugton, Casey Moore*, Hayden Shaw*
MANGOPLAH-COOKARDINIA UNITED-EASTLAKES: Trent Cohalan, Brad Turner, Jai Warden; Stace Creasy, Jeff Millar, Harry Collins; Matt Thomas, Trent Balding, Jack Collins; Mark Roberson, Dylan De Britt, Ben Coombe; Chris Higgins, Geoff Spriggs, Grant Bruce; Sam Balding, Mitch Balding, Jack Killalea; Nat Davis, Matt Warden, Xavier Higgins
Griffith: D Crack 2, K Duncan, S Curran, R Simpkin, J Gastin, B Owen 
Mangoplah-CUE: D De Britt 5, J Killalea 4, T Balding 3, G Spriggs 2, G Bruce 2, S Creasy, C Higgins, B Turner, B Coombe 
Griffith: M Bunn, R Simpkin, J Gastin, S Curran, J Nancarrow, M Tyndall 
Mangoplah-CUE: J Millar, J Warden, D de Britt, B Turner, J Collins, J Killalea 
SENIOR DEBUT: Casey Moore, Hayden Shaw

A summary of match report, with thanks
The Griffith Swans' Riverina Football League season is in free fall after copping its third massive loss in as many weeks, this time going down by 89 points to Mangoplah-Cookardinia United-Eastlakes yesterday. The home side never seriously challenged the Goannas, who were far stronger than Griffith in all aspects of the game. The Swans showed some fight in the second half, but their attacking raids beyond centre half-forward rarely resulted in goals, leaving the red and whites on the end of another thumping.

Injured co-coach Matthew Noonan said his side simply did not create enough goal-scoring chances to keep up with the rampant Mangoplah side. The losses of Noonan and injured on-baller Mick Duncan for the game cannot be underestimated, however, it's doubtful even they could have turned around yesterday's one-sided contest. "We were missing a few players, but you don't use that as an excuse, every weekend you have your best 21 out there on the field and they should be able to put their best foot forward on the day," Noonan said. 
The Swans failed to get on the scoreboard at all in the first quarter and only scored their first goal through Kris Duncan in the second, by which time the Goannas had piled on 42 points. Mangoplah centre half-forward Dylan De Britt was on target early to help his side jump out to an early lead. The signs were ominous for Griffith in the second quarter, with three goals in as many minutes helping the visitors' massive 59-point lead as the long break neared.

Jack Collins provided good run for the Goannas out of the middle in the third, however, Swans fast men Dean Crack and Myles Bunn tried to lift their sagging team. Griffith's misfiring efforts in front of goals were in stark contrast to their opponents, with fortuitous snaps from Grant Bruce and Trent Balding extended their lead. Griffith rallied in the last to kick six majors, but it was far too late as the side slumped to another heavy defeat. (By Scott Hazlewood  - The Area News, Monday May 18, 2009). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Coolamon 10.9 (69) def by Leeton-Whitton 14.18 (102), Narrandera 6.8 (44) def by Wagga 16.5 (101); SUN: North Wagga 9.7 (61) def by Eastern Hawks 12.7 (79); Ganmain-GGM 10.12 (72) def Turvey Park 8.12 (60).

Reserves: Mangoplah-CUE 15.12 (102) def Griffith 4.3 (27) 
Goals: J Wade, J Harris, G Argus, W Tyndall
Best players: G Foley, D Best, J Harris, W Tyndall, A Huskins, B Woolner
Under 17: Mangoplah-CUE 28.17 (185) def Griffith 1.0 (6)
Goals: K Hillier
Best players: J Evans, C Burge, F Bruton, B McRae, K Hillier, C Patterson

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