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Grand Final - Sunday, September 18, 2016
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Robertson Oval
Umpires: Tim Beard, Luke Olson and Matt Tom (RUA)
Wagga Tigers ......... 3.2 .. 5.4 .. 7.6 .. 8.8 (56)
Leeton-Whitton ..... 3.4 .. 4.5 .. 5.8 .. 7.10 (52) 

WAGGA TIGERS: Lachlan Myers, John Anstee, Nick McCormack; Campbell Lovell, Dale Walker, Pat O'Connell; Lahn Shephard, Jacob Osbeiston, Harvey Daniher; Brendan Myers, Brady Morton, Nick Ryan; Jackson Kelly, John Buchanan, Rob Tuohey; Brad Graham, Shaun Campbell (c-c), Jake Gaynor; Jesse Manton, Nathan Cooke, Shaun Flanigan, Dylan Morton
LEETON-WHITTON: Jayden Lehman, Will Wakeman, Michael Wescombe; Tom Morton, Sam Cooper, Ben Gaynor; Tyh Evans, Toby Conroy, Luke Potter; Neil Irwin, Tom Meline, Mitchell Hardie; Bryce O'Garey, Jade Hodge (c-c), Ben Curley; Joshua Grant, Cam Griggs, Jimmy Nancarrow; Lucas Meline, Mitchell Conlan, Isaac Houghton, Joel Crowhurst
Wagga: J Buchanan 3, R Tuohey 2, J Manton, N Ryan, S Flanigan
Leeton-Whitton: J Nancarrow 2, L Potter 2, T Evans, T Conroy, T Meline
Wagga: S Flanigan, N Ryan, S Campbell, J Kelly, J Anstee, D Walker
Leeton-Whitton: J Lehman, T Evans, B Curley, J Nancarrow, L Meline, M Hardie

Wagga Tigers ........ 4.1 .. 6.1 .. 7.1 .. 10.3 (63)
Ganmain-GGM .... 1.1 .. 1.1 .. 2.2 .. 4.3 (27)

Goals - Wagga: M Noonan 3, B Kelly 2, J Carroll 2, N Angel, S Lucas, J Larwood
Ganmain-GGM: M. Steele 2, S. Kefford, N. Anderson
Best players - Wagga: S Pearce, D Papworth, J Carroll, P Harrington, J Hodge, B Kelly
Ganmain-GGM: P Hamblin, P Lucas, S Kefford, J Peck, K Steward, R Menzies
Wagga Tigers:- Matthew Noonan, Ben Kelly, Jim Carroll, Josh Larwood, Nathan Angel, Sam Lucas, Jake Hodge, Pat Harrington, Damien Papworth, Scott Pearce, Tom Davis, Ben Farrell, Carter Lovell, Louis Beard, Jack McGowan, William Morley, Sam Schirmer, Lachlan Gregurke, Scott Lucas, Corey Lucas, Ashleigh Dikkenberg, James Richards
Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong:- Mitchell Steele, Sam Kefford, Nicholas Anderson, Rory Menzies, Keiran Steward, Jethro Peck, Paul Lucas, Paul Hamblin, Nathan McPherson, Michael Daniher, Keiran Hardinge, Max McCaig, Angus Cumming, Sean Walsh, Luke Ferguson, Will Lawton, Travis Collison, Shane Thompson, Andrew Roberts, Ryan Bensch, Nathan Kember, Ben Sullivan
Umpires: Tony O'Halloran, Brian Robinson and Jake O'Halloran (RUA) 

Under 17
Griffith .................. 5.3 .. 7.7 .. 11.10 .. 15.11 (101) 
Leeton-Whitton ..... 4.1 .. 4.1 .. 4.2 .. 6.3 (39)

Goals: Griffith: J Favell 3, R Grenaway 2, S Foley 2, J Conlan 2, J Rowston, J Villata, R Matheson, J Heym, T Clarke, A Coldwell
Leeton-Whitton: H Collins 2, C Sharman 2, D Fisher, C Morden
Best players: Griffith: N Richards, A Coldwell, S Foley, J Rowston, J Conlan, L Testoni
Leeton-Whitton: A Crelley, T Sidebottom, N Tang, H Collins, C Sharman, R Dunn
Griffith:- Luke Franco, Sam Foley, Javier Heym; Brady Chambers, Logan Testoni, Michael Agnew; Jesse Spencer, Jack Rowston, Luke Butcher; Reece Matheson, Jack Favell, Lachlan Killalea; Dean Schmetzer, Ryan Greenaway, Jacob Conlan; Nathan Richards, Thomas Clarke, Angus Coldwell (capt.); Aleksi McDermott, Lucas Conlan, Giuseppe Rovere, Jake Villata; Mitchell Irvin, Angus Kennedy
Leeton-Whitton:- Cooper Sharman, Hugh Collins, Daniel Fisher, Connor Morden, Ryan Dunn, Nathan Tang, Tim Sidebottom, Alex Crelley, Andrew Burke, Luke Walsh, Nathan Lanham, Joshua Symes, Aiden Rourke, Angus Morschel, Harrison Kimball, Mark Salafia, Jamison Booth, Angus Boulton, Tomas Van Buuren, Isaac Collins, Jake Wood, William Dando, Daniel Brennan, Bailey Stanmore
Umpires: David Blanch, Andrew Touvi and Gene Hodgins (RUA).

A summary of match report, with thanks
Rising ruckman Nathan Richards inspired Griffith Swans to the club's first football flag since 2003 with a dominant performance in the under 17 grand final against Leeton-Whitton. After a tight first quarter, the Swans got on top in the second term and pressed home their advantage in the third on the way to a 15.11 (101) to 6.3 (39) victory over the Crows.
It was also the club’s first under 17 premierships since 1999 and the enormity of their achievement was evident at three-quarter-time when coach Gary Argus implored his players to look around, see how much it meant 'and bring this home to Griffith'.
"It’s just a bit undescribable really, it’s just sensational," Argus said.
"It’s been 16, 17 years since (Griffith) won an under 17s flag, so it means a fair bit to a lot of people I’d say.
"I’m just digesting it at the moment, but it does mean a lot. They’ve been a great bunch of young adults all year and they really deserve this – they’ve worked hard, they’re good mates, they train hard, they play hard, and it’s been a pleasure coaching them."
The Swans went in as red-hot favourites after winning their semi-final against Wagga Tigers by more than 100 points. But it took until 20 minutes into the first quarter before they hit the front against Leeton-Whitton in a high-scoring opening term.
With three goals in the last six minutes before quarter-time, the Swans went to the first break eight points in front.
As the rain set in at a sodden Robertson Oval, Griffith kicked the only two goals of the second quarter but absolutely dominated possession. And they added another four unanswered goals after the main break to lead by 50 points at three-quarter-time.
"The second quarter was great – we closed them down, we had all the footy in our forward line and I think it went down there (Leeton-Whitton’s forward 50) once," Argus said. "Once they adjusted to the conditions instead of trying to play the dry weather conditions, it was all over." One of Griffith’s key first graders, Nathan Richards was dominant in the ruck and around the ground and was awarded the Col Kohlhagen Medal as best on ground.  
The Crows found a couple of goals in the final quarter, but Griffith still finished off strongly for the 62-point win. "I always confident today, I just felt good about it, and they were ready.," Argus said. "They’ve lost their finals in the past and they weren’t losing this one."

(By Peter Doherty - The Area News - Monday, September 19, 2016)

Netball - A grade: Wagga Tigers 48 d Collingullie-GP 36; A Reserve: Wagga Tigers 48 d Turvey Park 21; B grade: Collingullie-GP 28 d Wagga Tigers 26; C grade: Leeton-Whitton 29 d Turvey Park 24; Under 17's: Turvey Park 29 d  Wagga Tigers 22.

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