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Grand Final - Sunday September 19, 2004
Riverina Football League. Gate: $23,061
Venue: Narrandera Sportsground 2.10pm
Umpires: Brett McDonald, Duncan Potts and Pat O'Donoghue (RUA)
Ganmain-GGM ...... 4.2 .. 8.5 .. 14.11 .. 18.13 (121)
Griffith .................... 1.1 .. 2.4 .. 2.7 .. 10.12 (72)

GANMAIN-GRONG GRONG-MATONG: Ben Sullivan, Adam Symons, Drew Symons; Luke Walsh, Christen McPherson, Troy Lenon; Mitchell Steele, Brett Lenon, Nathan Irvine; Murray Hamblin, Marc Braybon, Shane Lenon (c-c); Scott Hamblin, Anthony Carroll, Clinton Renner; Andrew Johnston, Brandon Ryan, Eddie Sullivan; Matt Scott, Daniel Underwood, Chad Hamblin, Andrew Roberts
GRIFFITH: Myles Bunn, Simon Spiers, Damien Scott; Simon McClure, Ben Wade, Matt Bunn; Michael Duncan, Matthew McDonald, Ben Ford; Rodney Duncan, Jeff Mickan, Brett Owen; Phillip Rowston, Ashley Gardner, Jamie Bennett; David Curran, Adrian Burns (c-c), Shane Pound; Rodney Simpkin, Trent Bradley, Jason Hampel, Chris Conlan
Ganmain-GGM: S Hamblin 3, D Underwood 3, A Johnston 2, M Hamblin 2, M Scott 2, B Ryan, E Sullivan,

M Braybon, A Carroll, S Lenon, B Lenon
Griffith: P Rowston 4, J Bennett 2, A Gardner, J Mickan, S Pound, M Duncan
Ganmain-GGM: C McPherson, M Steele, B Ryan, B Lenon, S Hamblin, M Braybon, M Hamblin
Griffith: M McDonald, S Pound, B Wade, M Duncan, P Rowston, Matt Bunn
Reports: Phillip Rowston for striking.
A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith captain-coach Adrian Burns was at a loss to explain where their dreams of back-to-back Riverina Football League titles unraveled at Narrandera Sportsground. Slumped in the Swans’ dressing room after the 18.13 (121) to 10.12 (72) loss, Burns was yet to come to terms with their spectacular demise against an ultra-impressive Ganmain-Grong Grong-Matong outfit.

 The Swans never made a contest of the grand final, managing just two goals to three-quarter time. “It was shattering,” Burns said.

“We were flat, we just weren’t there at all. “I can’t really explain it.” The Swans were mere spectators as Ganmain poured on the points in the third term. The margin blew out to 76 points at three-quarter time – star midfielder Murray Hamblin slamming home a 60-metre running goal moments before the end of the term which came as a symbol of their dominance.

 The six goals the Lions slammed on for the quarter could easily have been more except for some near misses, but it mattered little in the final wash up. It came as little comfort to Burns and the Swans, but Griffith showed spirit in the last term to lessen the damage on the scoreboard. Th Swans kicked 8.5 in the final quarter, with Phil Rowston booting four at full-forward.

“We did show a bit of fight in the last quarter,” he said. “But it counted for nothing, and it doesn’t make me feel any better now.  “I am proud of the team but, we fought hard this year and did well to make the grand final.” 

(By Tim Barrow – The Area News – Monday, September 20, 2004. 

Narrandera .............. 7.2 .. 13.4 .. 17.10 .. 20.14 (134)
Leeton-Whitton ....... 0.1 .. 2.3 .. 4.3 .. 5.6 (36)

Goals - Narrandera: M English 9, C Walsh 3, D Piltz 3, S Irons 2, D Odgers, J Coleman, M Williams
Leeton-Whitton: M Fraser 2, B Matthews, G Dale, N McCallum
Best players - Narrandera: M English (Ryan/Stuart Medal), J Coleman, H Hutchins, M Williams, D Clarke, S Irons
Leeton-Whitton: J Wells, S Whelan, M Meledonis, G Dale, J Davidson, P Papasidero
Narrandera Imperial: Brent Richens, Mark English, Hayden Hutchins, Mathew Harrison, Dennis Piltz, Stephen Irons, Scott Donaldson, Jason Coleman, Mark Ivanoff, David Sargeant, Bill Howitt, Ian Donaldson, David Stockdale, Michael Williams, Dean Odgers, Matthew McLennan, Damien Clarke, Matthew Thornton, Ben Seymour, Chris Walsh, Shane Bloomfield, Leigh Martin. Coach: Shaun Brooker
Leeton-Whitton: Guiseppe Napoli, Matthew Lang, Ben Matthews, Justin Davidson, Terry Lyons, Graeme Dale, Michael Fraser, Trent Lang, Wayne Jackson, Todd Henman, Michael Lashbrook, Dale Symes, Matthew Meladonis, Jason Wells, Greg McLean, Neil McCallum (coach), Tim Legge, Romain Papasidero, Adrian Howe, Andrew Jack, Joel Brown, Shane Whelan
Umpires: Tom McDonald, Greg Walsh and Brett Webb (RUA)

Under 18
Narrandera ................ 2.0 .. 3.1 .. 4.2 .. 6.5 (41)
Mangoplah-CUE ....... 5.0 .. 9.3 .. 16.7 .. 18.11 (119)

Goals - Narrandera: J Dawson 2, J Trainer, B Grant, M Irons, S Martin
Mangoplah-CUE: C Websdale 6, P Rutherford 4, M Cooke 2, M Reberger 2, J Hanlon, R Walsh, M Heydon, D Sanbrook
Best players - Narrandera: B Grant, T Sullivan, J Orme, J Sullivan, B Flanigan, S Collis
Mangoplah-CUE: M Reberger (Kohlhagen Medal), R Walsh, S Balding, S Creasy, C Websdale, P Rutherford
Narrandera Imperial: Brendan Collis, Drew Kenna, Simon Collis, Blake Knagge, James Walsh, Calum Smith, Jack Trainer, Jonathon Dawson, Paul Anderson, Josh Pearson, Craig Bourke, Jeremy Orme (capt), Brad Flanigan, Brad Kiley, Tim Sullivan, Ben Grant, Sam Martin, Dale Makeham, Mark Irons, James Sullivan, Michael Stockdale, Chris Downes, Todd Carter
Mangoplah-CUE: Mitch Reberger, Cameron Hope, Brett Howard, Trent Cohalan, Shaun Bennett, Sam Balding, Dean Sanbrook, Tim Moyle, Jason Kendall, Liam Hanigan, Adam Howard, Jack Hillis, Adam Skow, Mitch Heydon, Paul Rutherford, Grant Maybury, Ryan Walsh, Josh Gillies, Stace Creasy, Josh Hanlon, Michael Cooke, Brad Jones, Craig Websdale
Umpires: Sam Graham, Rob Dalgliesh and Daniel Furner (RUA)

Netball - A grade: Turvey Park 53 d Leeton-Whitton 49; B grade: Leeton-Whitton 22 d Coolamon 20; C grade: Narrandera 26 d Griffith 19; Juniors U15's: Narrandera 27 d Griffith 24.

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