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 2018 SEASON 
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Round 13 - Saturday July 21, 2018
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Alex Manley and Nathan Brookes (RUA)
Griffith .......... 5.3 .. 8.5 .. 12.9 .. 15.13 (103)
Coolamon .... 2.3 .. 4.5 .. 8.8 .. 10.9 (69)

GRIFFITH: Daniel Peruzzi, James Toscan (capt.), Jonathon Gastin; Michael Duncan, Guy Orton, Will Griggs (coach); Oswald Herrmann*, Jordan Iudica, Isaac Campbell; Theo Valeri, Charlie Cunial, Jacob Conlan; Ben King, Lucas Conlan, Toby Blissett; Riley Irvin, Sam Foley, Heath Northey; Dean Catanzariti, Dean Bennett, Michael Agnew, Reece Matheson
COOLAMON ROVERS: Matthew Bradley, Will Graetz, Adam McKenzie; Connor Neyland (c-c), Marshal Macauley, Kyle Woods; Zac Robinson, Nick Pleming, Will Alchin; Josh Buchanan, Joe Redfern, Ryan Allen; Braeden Glyde, Matt McGowan, Luke Redfern; Benjamin Gillett, Mitch McKelvie, Max Hillier; Ben Edyvean, Cooper McKelvie, Nick Buchanan, Tom Stubbs
Griffith: J Iudica 2, T Valeri 2, B King 2, J Conlan 2, H Northey 2, D Bennett 2, W Griggs, T Blissett, L Conlan
Coolamon: J Redfern 2, C McKelvie 2, N Buchanan 2, R Allen, M McKelvie, L Redfern, J Buchanan
Griffith: J Iudica, H Northey, I Campbell, T Valeri, B King, J. Conlan
Coolamon: M Hillier, M McKelvie, N Pleming, M Macauley, L Redfern, R Allen
SENIOR DEBUT: Oswald Herrmann

A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith made it 12 wins in succession to start the Riverina League season with a 34-point win over Coolamon on Saturday. The Swans started strongly and were never headed on their way to 15.13 (103) to 10.9 (69) victory at Exies Oval. Griffith coach Will Griggs said while it was an indifferent performance, he was happy to take the four points. "It was a pretty topsy-turvy day," Griggs said. "We came out with all guns blazing and put four on them then we shut up shop and did some uncharacteristic things and they came back.
"I was happy to get the win, but we had a pretty average week on the track, and it showed today. "I'm still happy to get a 34-point win but it shows when you don't put the work in on the track, it's going to show."  Theo Valeri was best for Griffith across half-forward, closely followed by Jordan Iudica, Ben King and Isaac Campbell. Mitch McKelvie and Marshal Macauley were Coolamon's best. The Swans will now prepare to take on Turvey Park next weekend on Sunday afternoon at Exies Oval. (By Matt Malone - The Area News, Monday July 21, 2018). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Wagga 8.9 (57) drew with Mangoplah-CUE 8.9 (57), Turvey Park 7.7 (49) def by Collingullie-GP 14.9 (93), Narrandera 10.10 (70) def by Ganmain-GGM 17.17 (119); Leeton-Whitton, bye

Reserves: Griffith 16.14 (110) def Coolamon 3.5 (23)
Goals: J Taylor 5, T Howard 3, K Duncan 3, L Peruzzi 2, B Chambers, R Perre, Tom Valeri
Best Players: J Taylor, T Valeri, N Witherspoon, R Johns, J Burley, J Crowe
Under 17.5: Griffith 10.8 (68) def Coolamon 8.11 (59)
Goals:  B Wood 4, S Robinson 2, B Rowston 2, R Townsend, G Rovere
Best Players: B Wood, L Fabris, B Potts, M Irvin, L Parmenter, R Townsend

Netball - A grade:  Griffith 61 d Coolamon 16; A reserve: Griffith 31 d Coolamon 25; B grade: Griffith 61 d Coolamon 19; C grade: Griffith 34 d Coolamon 10; Under 17's: Griffith d Coolamon on forfeit.


The Griffith Swans had a great weekend out on the netball court at Exies Oval on Saturday afternoon when they took on Coolamon in the Riverina Netball League. It was the first time this season that the Swans have picked up the points in all five grades, and with four side's picking up convincing wins it is looking good with five rounds left before finals get underway. After losing to the Rovers earlier in the season, the Swans A Grade side made a point in this meeting between the two teams with a massive 61-16 win. It sees the Swans close in on a possible second chance come finals time as they moved level with third-placed Mangoplah-CUE. The Griffith A reserve side were able to pick up their second win of the season and give themselves some breathing space over the bottom placed Coolamon side with a 31-25 victory. With little space separating third from sixth it was important B Grade picked up a win this weekend and were able to get the job done to remain in fifth with a 61-19 win. The second chance in finals has become a possibility for C Grade A after 34-10 win pushing them into third while the 17s are still within reach of the top three after a 20-0 win.  (The Area News - Friday, July 27, 2018).   

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