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Round 3 - Friday April 25, 2003
Riverina Football League
Venue: Griffith Exies Oval 5.00pm
Umpires: ---
Griffith ........... 6.3 .. 7.9 .. 14.13 .. 24.20 (164)
Narrandera ... 2.1 .. 3.1 .. 6.1 .. 9.3 (57)

GRIFFITH: Myles Bunn, Ben Wade, Damien Scott; Jason Malone, Jonathon O'Dwyer, Jeff Mickan; Dominic Giorgi, Matthew McDonald, Ben Ford; Cian Ebert (coach), Jason Vant, Craig Conlan; Jason Hampel; Andrew Hill, Jamie Bennett; Ryan Hill, Phillip Rowston, Matt Bunn; Rodney Duncan, Matthew Olney, Brendan Giason
NARRANDERA IMPERIAL: Ben Powell, Ashley Thomson (c-c), Jack Vearing; Daniel Lumsden, Brent Richens, Tim Durnan; Stephen Irons, Chris Smith, David Stockdale; Dean Hopwood, Stuart Hutchins, Lachlan Hutchins; Matthew Harrison, Craig Hugo, Mark English; Brett Powell, Damon Burden, Peter Bloomfield; Scott Jones, Jeremy Orme, Ben Seymour
Griffith: A Hill 7, M Olney 3, J O'Dwyer 3, M McDonald 2, J Bennett 2, R Duncan 2, J Vant, D Giorgi, C Conlan, C Ebert, P Rowston
Narrandera: D Hopwood 2, C Hugo 2, L Hutchins 2, S Irons, Brett Powell, C Smith
Griffith: J Vant, B Giason, B Wade, P Rowston, M McDonald, C Ebert
Narrandera: D Hopwood, J Vearing, B Richens, Ben Powell, D Burden
A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith full forward Andrew Hill appears to have cemented his place at the spearhead for the Swans in the Riverina Football League. Hill kicked 7.1 as the Swans defeated Narrandera by 107 points at the Ex-Servicemen's Oval, last night. A focal point throughout, Hill brought his tally of goals to 18 in three rounds as Griffith won 24.20 (164) to 9.3 (57). Griffith coach Cian Ebert said Hill's performance was one of the highlights in a scrappy spectacle. "We won comfortably but the game showed we still have a long way to go to attain a certain standard.

"However, we did work well sometimes and there was god even spread on the play. "To their credit, Narrandera made a game of it during the first two quarters, particularly in the second when we only scored 1.6. "We did get on top in the last two quarters and took full advantage of our opportunities." Hill mainly played full forward but alternated with centre half forward in the last two quarters.

Griffith sent centre halfback Jon O'Dwyer to full forward in the final 10 minutes and he booted three goals. Other Swans Jason Vant, Brendan Giason and Ben Wade were reliable over the four quarters and Phil Rowston and Matt McDonald gave a lot of drive.

Narrandera's experienced backman Jack Vearing returned in yet another good performance with Dean Hopwood and Brent Richens backing him up. Ben Powell and Damon Burden performed many good feats, but the Eagles did not have the overall superiority to match Griffith in many areas. (By Peter Baker - Weekend Advertiser, Saturday April 26, 2003).

OTHER PLAYERS - SAT: East Wagga-K 5.9 (39) def by Coolamon 35.21 (231); SUN: Ganmain-GGM 10.10 (70) def MCUE 9.11 ((65), Leeton-Whitton 7.7 (49) def by Turvey Park 18.16 (124).

Reserves: Griffith 10.14 (74) def Narrandera 3.13 (31)
Goals: B Harrison 2, C Cassidy 2, R Freyer, B Hicken, M Blackburn, D Hill, K Malone, T Bradley
Best players: K Malone, A Trotter, T Clarke, S Spiers, R Frkovic

Under 18: Narrandera 11.10 (76) def Griffith 7.7 (49)
Goals: B Hicken 3, K Duncan 2, T Matheson, R Hill
Best players: R Hill, S Stubbs, C Munro, D Catanzariti, T Condon

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