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Round 14 - Saturday July 27, 2013
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Robertson Oval 2.10pm
Umpires: Tim Beard and Pat Harris (RUA)
Wagga Tigers ..... 4.5 .. 7.7 .. 14.13 .. 19.19 (133) 
Griffith ................. 1.1 .. 3.5 .. 3.6 .. 4.7 (31) 

WAGGA TIGERS: Damien Papworth, Matthew Noonan, Liam McGregor; Lahn Sheppard, John Anstee, Tom Power (c-c); Jeremiah Maslin, Matt Rava, Scott Pearce; John Buchanan, John Simpson, Charles Bance; Marc O'Neill, Dougal Howard, Xavier Brennan; Brad Graham, Jackson Kew, Shaun Flanigan; Pat Noonan, Nick Ryan, Josh Larwood, Adam Norton 
GRIFFITH: Daniel Moysey, Chris Niven, James Keenan*; Ben McRae, Glen Snaidero, James Fallon; Mathew Peruzzi, Michael Duncan, Ben Tarr; Tom West, James Toscan, Dean Crack; Jonathon Gastin, Trevor Richards, Daniel Peruzzi; Joel Gordon, Guy Orton (c-c), Tim Matheson; Tom Shannon, Joshua Tyndall, Riley Holland, Cameron Harrison 
Wagga: J Buchanan 4, N Ryan 3, J Simpson 3, A Norton 2, M Rava 2, X Brennan 2, D Howard, L Sheppard, J Kew 
Griffith: D Crack 3, G Orton 
Wagga: L Sheppard, P Noonan, J Simpson, S Flanigan, J Buchanan, D Papworth 
Griffith: G Orton, M Duncan, J Gastin, J Fallon, G Snaidero, D Moysey
SENIOR DEBUT: James Keenan

A summary of match report, with thanks
Griffith feint finals chances were blown out of the water on Saturday in a “depressing” 102-point thumping at the hands of the Wagga Tigers.

The depleted Swans walked into an ambush at Robertson Oval, collapsing after half time as the home side piled on a whopping 12 goals to one for an easy percentage-boosting victory. The 19.19 (133) to 4.7 (31) result was the eight defeat of the season and effectively closes the door on any possibility of a late-season surge into the top five

. Captain-coach Guy Orton, who was one of just a few Swans who flew the flag on the day, described the loss as one of the worst in his time at the club. “It was pretty depressing, actually,” he said.  “I was a bit lost for words after the game, other than give them a spray. “There wasn’t much to say, really – we just played terrible and got done by a better side.” 
The Swans were in touch at the long break but had no answers for the Tigers’ incredible onslaught that opened the third term. The Wagga side’s 15 scoring shots to Griffith’s one for the quarter told the story. “If you get the first goal coming out of half time, you’re a chance, but when you don’t score much after half time, it’s depressing,” Orton said. “All the boys, you could see how flat they were after the game. “It just seems like their heads weren’t in it. “It’s just disappointing, the wheels have fallen off and it’s going to be hard to come back from this.” 
The usual suspects were on song for Griffith with the experienced brigade of Mick Duncan, Orton, Jono Gastin, Glen Snaidero, Dan Moysey and James Fallon all playing well. Dean Crack booted three of Griffith’s four goals, with Orton contributing the other.

The skipper admitted too much was left to too few but refused to use the club’s injury crisis as an excuse. “I said before the game that for us to win, we needed our senior players standing up, and for our kids to follow,” Orton said. “We had our normal blokes stand up but that was it. “We were never going to get back into it with five guys playing well. We needed 22.” 

“There’s probably a handful of players that haven’t played much senior footy and they don’t understand it, how quick it is. If we had the other guys in it could have been a different story, but we didn’t.” (By Vince Rugari – The Area News, Monday July 29, 2013). 

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Leeton-Whitton 6.12 (48) def by Collingullie-AK 15.18 (108), Mangoplah-CUE 16.16 (112) def Turvey Park 4.3 (27); SUN: Coolamon 22.10 (142) def Narrandera 5.14 (45); Ganmain-GGM, bye. 

Reserves: Griffith 10.9 (69) def Wagga Tigers 8.4 (52) 
Goals: N Witherspoon 3, A Cappello 2, D Cassidy, J Hampel, J Wade, C. Milojevic, K Ruyg
Best players: K Farrell, J Evans, B Evans, K Ruyg, A Cappello, S Simpson
Under 17: Wagga Tigers 18.11 (119) def Griffith 8.1 (49)
Goals: K Ruyg 4, B Moore 3, B Lewis
Best players: D Peruzzi, L Peruzzi, C Heffernan, K Ruyg, B Moore, B Lewis


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