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Round 11 - Saturday June 29, 2013
Riverina Football Netball League
Venue: Leeton Showground 2.10pm
Umpires: Brian Robinson, Paul Smith and Andrew Touvi (RUA)
Leeton-Whitton ..... 3.2 .. 4.7 .. 10.10 .. 15.12 (102) 
Griffith ..................... 2.2 .. 5.7 .. 6.7 .. 7.10 (52) 

LEETON-WHITTON: Sean Browning, Craig Townsend, Tom Morton; Jonathon Spina, Will Overs, Matthew Irvin; Jarrod Gornall, Ben Curley, Tom Meline; Brad Boots, Kodie O'Malley, Jordie Pettitt; Grant Commins, Calum Garvey, Lachlan O'Callaghan; Joshua King, Bryce O'Garey, Matthew Gaynor; Greg Halden, Giles Lee, Daniel Sullivan, Siale Howe
GRIFFITH: Tom West, Lance Poka, Chris Niven; James Fallon, James Taylor, Che Jenkins; Cameron Harrison, Glen Snaidero, Tim Matheson; Jonathon Gastin, James Toscan, Andrew Cappello; Ben McRae, Trevor Richards, Dean Crack; Joel Gordon, Guy Orton (c-c), Michael Duncan; Daniel Moysey, David Dunbar, Mathew Peruzzi, Dean Catanzariti
Leeton-Whitton: L O'Callaghan 4, W Overs 3, B O'Garey 2, G Commins, C Garvey, G Lee, J King, B Boots, K O'Malley 
Griffith: G Orton 2, M Duncan 2, T Richards, J Fallon, D Dunbar 
Leeton-Whitton: W Overs, C Garvey, T Meline, G Lee, T Morton, S Browning 
Griffith: J Taylor, T West, J Fallon, M Duncan, G Orton, C Harrison

A summary of match report, with thanks
For half a game of football, the Griffith Swans looked like they were back. At Leeton on Saturday, they had a fast-moving midfield, solid defence – and even showcased their aggression with captain-coach Guy Orton sent off for his part in a melee halfway through the second quarter. At the main break, the Swans were a goal up. But the atmosphere changed early in the second half when the Crows came out ready to play hard-ball. The home side piled on 11 goals from there, keeping Griffith to a dismal two and winning the match by 50 points.

“We were playing some really, really good football but I think we just got a bit too far ahead of ourselves,” Orton said. “They (Leeton-Whitton) obviously stepped up a notch in the second half and we just couldn’t complete with it. “(The Swans) did everything I asked of the from the start, which just shows they’re getting a bit of belief back, and they are right to be disappointed with how it ended.” 
Adding to Griffith woes, utility Che Jenkins went down with an ankle injury as he went for a spoil and landed awkwardly. It is yet    to be determined whether the ankle is broken or fractured. Despite the possibility of losing one of his most prolific players, Orton took it all in his stride. “I’m getting used to losing players each week,” he said. “It’s just one of those things. “It will open up another door for someone else to come along and have a go at senior football.” 
The Swans’ biggest downfall on Saturday was their delivery to their forwards, an area of play Orton will continue to focus on in training. Good decision-making will also be on the training agenda. Orton said the match felt much closer than the scoreboard suggested.

“It didn’t feel like we lost by that much; the game was quite physical right to the end,” he said. “We seemed to have a lot of footy and I think most of their goals came from turnovers. “The important thing for the boys to take away from the game is that two quarters of football is not enough to win.” Orton named James Taylor and Tom West as standouts for the second week in a row.

(By Melody Montague – The Area News, Monday July 1, 2013).

OTHER MATCHES - SAT: Collingullie-AK 20.14 (134) def Narrandera 9.8 (62), Mangoplah-CUE 14.6 (90) def by Ganmain-GGM 16.7 (103), Wagga 17.28 (130) def Turvey Park 4.7 (31); Coolamom, bye. 

Reserves: Griffith 10.10 (70) def Leeton-Whitton 6.4 (40)
Goals: T Shannon 3, B Tarr 3, N Witherspoon, K Farrell, K Ruyg, M Hogan
Best players: J Evans, T Shannon, J Hampel, C Milojevic, M Hogan, N Witherspoon
Under 17: Leeton-Whitton 16.14 (110) def Griffith 2.5 (17)
Goals: B Moore, B Lewis
Best players: B Lewis, D Peruzzi, T Polkinghorne, D Evans, A McRae 

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