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 1984 SEASON 
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 GRIFFITH NOTES: "Riverina Football Record" July 1, 1984 - No. 13 

Scottie 'Bla Bla' Barber's ten goals last week enabled us to record our first win against Turvey Park away from home since Leo O'Dwyer was a kid. While the brilliant performance by the scruffy looking centre half forward was no doubt a match-winning effort, many chances went begging in front of goals, but this time we came away with the vital four points. Scott Barber was the obvious choice for Man of Match award with good games from Greg Hill, Paul Sparks, Ken Collier, Scott Morphett and Gary Waters, while Robert Prest received the umpires award.

Roy's Second Grade boys won their first match of the season away from home. Man of the Match, Ian 'Sheedy' Wade would have put Royce Hart out of the Richmond side with his performance at centre half forward. Greg Collins again was one of the better players along with Tony Dillon and Ronnie Murray, although most of the side was very quiet up till half time, apart from Leonard 'E.H.' Brown who picked up his usual 30 kicks, 15 marks and 25 handballs (each quarter) to be amongst the top players again. On a serious note, though if the boys can keep winning there is still a chance for the finals.

Usually, we look to the Under 19's for the good news but last week too many players must have had jetlag from the Melbourne trip and efforts like Dennis 'Basketball Jones' Collis were few and far between. The Turvey Park boys capitalised on the small half time lead and ran away with the match, much to the displeasure of hardworking coach Lennie Threlfall. Master Collis was the only player worth mentioning and won the award.

This week we tackle Leeton and although they might appear to be on a downer, we must not take them lightly.

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